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Chintan P. Mehta, CEO & Principal Officer, AHI Insurance Brokers | Insights Success | Business Magazine

Of late, Indians have been acknowledging the necessity of Insurance. While they always have had a compulsion for regulatory compliance or habit of savings, Insurance has been a different ball game altogether. With changing times, changes in lifestyle, increase in private jobs, and uncertainty of life, taking insurance for oneself and assets possessed by hard earned money have become the norm but taking just any insurance off-the-shelf doesn’t help. One needs to study carefully, how I am insured and up to which extent. As such one needs the assistance of someone who knows the insurance inside out and helps decide on an insurance solution that best fits their case. For this Trade expert required to attend your objective to be insured.
Assisting people in finding the correct insurance policy is AHI Insurance Brokers (Auto Hangar India, A Mariwala Group initiative, 1991) 2017 Startup initiative. AHI acts as an advisor to choose the best plans through its transparent and unbiased recommendations. It helps customers in selecting different insurance policies and products like motor, health, life, travel, investment, pension, pa and business among others. AHI with its associated insurance companies in India guides client a step-by-step purchasing process of insurance plans.
An Experienced Proponent
“In India, there are two challenges pertaining to the insurance industry. First is the acute lack of awareness of Insurance in the mass segment and second is its commoditization in the segment which is aware but is completely price driven. AHI Insurance Brokers wants to address (applying expert knowledge-base using AI & Big Data) this in best possible manner.” quotes Chintan P. Mehta, CEO & Principal Officer. He brings in two decades of experience in bridging awareness & operational excellence in Insurance domain. He is catering to the insurance needs of HNI clients at AHI. His industry expertise during all these years courtesy his major journey with Shriram group at various Level across India.
Chintan, a CIAFP – Certified Insurance Anti-Fraud Professional (III & NATG – North American Training Group-Florida), along with his team is master of innovation & disruption for the mass & class of society. He focuses on in-depth insurance business analysis, claims management, reinsurance and Customer Retention. His team manages client business through most trained data-centre and field associates.
Exclusive Insurance Services
AHI Insurance Brokers’ focus is on advisory and relationship building while dealing with customers. It aims at offering the best insurance services for free of cost with its team of experts and industry professionals to help customers understand policy features and costs better. It serves as a one-stop portal for all the insurance needs.
Every advisor onboard AHI understands that the role of any good broker is to represent customer first and not the insurer during the entire life cycle of the customer. We want to be his custodian to every insurance category.
AHI is not in topline seeking valuation game at all and understands its growth path will be slow but solid. From day one the advisors adhere to the game plan. They only sell to the ones seeking trusted service and those who are open to insurance advice. “Cross-selling and reference selling becomes key when you opt to venture out on this path. Claims assistance is our forte; it is ‘The Moment of Truth’ for every insurance provider. We want to score highest here to have maximum repeat client. As ultimately its trust of customers which create a brand.” says CEO AHIBL Chintan.
Challenges and the Road Ahead
The Insurance industry in India is already battling its two major challenges. First is the lack of awareness and second is its commoditization. The common human psychology of the average Insurance consumer implies that insurance does not provide any immediate gratification and works only on probabilities and uncertainties. It is not an easily understood concept, remains intangible and so it’s not a priority for most consumers.
AHI seeks to eliminate these roadblocks by providing trusted advice and helping customers make an informed choice. AHI is also looking forward to broadening its product line up. Motor Insurance is a core business as of now. It is also approaching several insurance companies for creating such differentiated products accessible to its wide set of customers. It would like to service its HNI customers in emerging areas like cyber insurance, pet insurance specialized personal asset insurance cover (for paintings, jewellery, etc.) and other niche areas.

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