Amazon encourages Women Entrepreneurs in Nagaland

Amazon India has partnered with the Nagaland government and the National Skill Development Corporation to empower women entrepreneurs in the state to trade their products online.
In the partnership, will organize extensive training and skill development workshops to help women entrepreneurs in Nagaland understand nuances related to online selling, Amazon India thought.
It will also help them to develop skills and capabilities necessary to nurture successful online enterprises, it added.
The programme also focus to inspire cottage industries in Nagaland by serving them grow through online commerce. As part of the initiative, a one-stop centre will be created.
Amazon India aims to sponsor the flourishing cottage industries in the region and reveal a unique selection of products such as handwoven items, intricate metalwork, woodwork, stonework, pottery and basketry.
“Through this partnership, we look onward to nurturing entrepreneurship and empowerment among women in Nagaland by providing them the opening to knowledge Indias digital economy firsthand,” Amazon India Director and GM Gopal Pillai added.
Through special training, skill development workshops, technology support and market entry at a zero initial cost, the initiative will not only increase the cottage industry run by women in Nagaland, but also lead to the complete advancement of women e-entrepreneurs from the state, he stated.

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