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Anlight Consulting Services (Anlight) is a customer-centric consulting company that delivers value to its customers, through a wide range of IT Consulting Services, Cloud Solutions, and mid-senior level Talent Acquisition Services. The main objective of Anlight is to focus and derive value from two major cornerstones that are the key to any business – Technology & People. The hybrid expertise in ‘strategy’ as well as ‘hands-on execution’ and a ‘customer-centric’ approach provides an edge to Anlight’s customers. It also helps them to generate immense business value through Anlight team’s rich business experience, vast industry expertise, in-depth knowledge and consulting services.
An Inspiring Leader
Anlight CEO, Anoop Handa has a comprehensive Technology and People Management expertise which he put into his entrepreneurial journey and set-up Anlight in 2014. An exceptional leader, with ‘never say die’ attitude and tremendous positive attitude; Anoop walks the talk and has been a great role model for his employees. He demonstrates exceptional professional and people management skills with a strong focus on integrity, superior customer service, mutual respect, and complete transparency.
Eventful Journey – From Naught to a Star
The journey of Anlight started with a small step, five years ago. And, now it is a successful organization, with over 40 passionate and enthusiastic employees, serving over 30 customers across India and beyond. It provides a range of IT/HR Services – IT Consulting, mi to Senior level Recruitment Services, HR Technology Solution Implementation Services (Strategic partnership with Ramco Systems focused on HCM solution) and virtual CIO (vCIO) Services.
Initial challenges of acquiring customers for the start-up, managing customer expectations with an initial hand-picked team, creating awareness about the company and leveraging professional network for new business, now all seem to be things of the past.
Strong focus on positive attitude, core organization values and creating an empowered, flexible yet performance focused work culture has reaped good results. With a belief ‘slow and steady wins the race’, Anlight has taken small but solid steps and continues to march towards its vision of being “the preferred choice of its customers and partners globally and be valued for driving excellence & high performance through most optimal Technology and Human Capital.”
Exclusive Services
Anlight’s services portfolio comprises of Strategic IT Consulting / vCIO (pay per use virtual CIO model), IT Services and mid-senior IT Recruitment Services.
The Virtual CIO engagement delivers the required technology leadership to its customers against the service fees in ‘pay as you use’ service delivery model and is a cost-effective way of achieving CIO competencies to meet business goals.
Anlight’s Cloud Hub, through its multiple strategic alliances, delivers a portfolio of Cloud-based business solutions and applications to help its customers overcome their complex business challenges.
The company possesses a strategic partnership with Ramco Systems since 2014, for providing marketing and sales support, enablement, configuration and implementation and support services of award-winning innovative Ramco HCM (Human Capital Management Solution) – a hire to retire HR Automation solution.
“We also have a partnership with US-based ThoughtAnalytiks LLC, (“tA”). ThoughtAnalytiks help data-driven enterprises, to take cost, time, coding, and demand for technical skills out of their data initiatives. The SaaS-based Analytics platforms from tA leverage data assets to excel in business decisions. These platforms take cost, time & technical skills out of the equation in a building data warehouse and data lakes,” explains Anoop.
The company recently introduced HR Vu: a pre-built set of HR KPI’s’ and HR Analytics to enable Data-Driven HR for delivering business value via HR function
Experienced Voice
A successful entrepreneur, Anoop shares the five lessons he gained over the last five years of his entrepreneurial journey which are sure to serve as an inspiration for the budding entrepreneurs.
–    Nothing is Impossible; Stay Focused! The entrepreneurship journey is not easy and will have its own share of ups and downs. But the trick is to stay focused on goals and Never Give Up!
–    Build up a winning team. The focus should be on attracting, retaining, rewarding & empowering the team, who are fully aligned to the mission & vision.
–    Don’t be shy to say NO! Once you start a company, there will be a lot of distractions. It’s only by saying NO that you can focus & concentrate on the things that are most important.
–    SMART Execution – Many Imagine; Few Execute! An entrepreneur has to be adept at execution and ready to play multiple roles during any single day, and lead by example. Good Execution is key to realize your goals.
–    Networking, Professional Relationships & Partnerships: Networking plays a key role and shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. Networking is not about collecting contacts, but Networking is about planting relations.
Creating a New Path
Anlight is currently focused to expand its global footprint and add more cloud solutions to its existing portfolio.
The Company aims to enter into more strategic partnerships with proven, global product companies so that we can offer more solutions to our esteemed customers.

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