Ashok Mohanani: Transforming local landscapes into Engineering Marvels

Ashok Mohanani | Chairman | EKTA World - Insights Success

People now-a-days remain so busy in delving into their past and concerning about their future that their ‘today’ almost goes missing from the scene. As rightly said, “the best way to prepare for the future is to concentrate all your intelligence, enthusiasm on doing the present work with best possible efforts.” When a person looks at a challenging task, at first instance everything seems mammoth & unachievable, but when that single large task gets broken down into more manageable and achievable pieces, the chances of getting it done successfully with higher efficacy looms large. Ashok Mohanani, Chairman, EKTA World is one such trailblazing leader of the real estate industry that believes in present and put all his energy into the present day task with a full vigor that ultimately drives him to achieve immense satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.

From a Real-estate Agent to a Real-estate Developer

Ashok established ‘EKTA World’ in 1987, and prior to that he worked as a real estate agent for a decade. In the late 70’s and early 80’s, he was contributing in fulfilling the biggest dream humans have in their life i.e of purchasing their own home. During that phase of life, Ashok had encountered a bitter experience among one of his clients that touched his soul and that experience proved to be the turning point of his life. Then on he pledged to make the home buying experience a pleasant one for everyone. Even for those who have very limited resources, and that’s how a real estate agent turned into a real estate developer. Since then, he did not turn back and with a customer centric business approach, EKTA World is today standing tall and feeling proud by successfully catering over 14500 families and counting.

USP of ‘EKTA World’ that Pulls Customers Towards it

Customer delight, peace of mind and empathy are the core values based on which ‘EKTA World’ services its clients. These are tenets which pull customers toward ‘EKTA World’. Before the starting of development process, Ashok asks a single question to himself: “can I live there with my family” and if the answer turns out to be a YES, then only Ashok initiates the development of the project. The organization also, right from the very beginning till possession and thereafter ensures delightful customer experience for its clients.

Competing with Himself Not with Others

Ashok is a well-learned person who has completed Bachelors in Commerce and then LLB from the University of Mumbai. He does not believe in competing with others rather than believes in competing with one-self. Therefore, his mantra for success is self-improvement with each passing day. He always works towards improving himself, his team and the company as a whole. This is the belief that makes him successful and happy in his own space in this fast paced competitive world.

The Mentor who Shaped Ashok’s Life

Ashok’s journey has been satisfying and rewarding in all spheres of his life till date, be it personal, professional or social. There are many whom he admires but the one person whom he reveres the most and from whom he learnt immensely about real estate is ‘G L Raheja’. Ashok considers him as the Bhishma Pitamah of real estate industry and the person who has been instrumental in nurturing his entrepreneurial career.

Transformational Successes over the Years

EKTA World under the remarkable leadership of Ashok has seen many big transformational successes in the past. In the initial years, the organization was solely focused on developing standalone single tower projects. Later, they move to build making layouts of three to four buildings residential projects. In 2000, they commenced EKTA Bhoomi gardens project which comprised of over 14 buildings and which truly tested their skills and established themselves as an influential player in the real estate sector. Even after tasting many successes the organization was also not untouched with the challenges. Labor and title issues in one of their projects were the biggest bottleneck which Ashok had solved brilliantly with his sheer perseverance and shrewdness. “Integrity is also one of the vital trait that assist  delivering the best in class projects, regardless of the commercial viability and P & L of the project” states Ashok. He also feels grateful to his legal attorney Kirit Damania and architect Tarun Motta for walking along in the difficult times and in successfully delivering a landmark project in Borivali that has become a landmark in the construction space.

Things he Promotes to Nurture Innovation and a Valuable Piece of Advice for the Co-workers

He has been an advocate for spurring innovation in the organization. He always encourages people to make unrelated connections between business problems with their own lives which help them to synthesize new ideas. He also encourages his colleagues to ask questions and do sharp observation, as observation & questioning are the pillars of creativity & innovation. For him, networking is an opportunity that helps everyone to gain different insights by engaging with the diverse groups of people.

“Stick to basics, it is very easy to get carried away with flamboyance and over promise, but as they say the proof of the pudding is in eating it, similarly timely delivery is the proof of a fulfilled commitment” states Ashok.

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