Dr. R Kishore Kumar: A Trailblazer Neonatologist laying the Foundation for Contemporary Healthcare Needs

Dr. R Kishore Kumar | Founder Chairman | Cloudnine - Insighgts Success

Dr. R Kishore Kumar is a person who believes that there is no substitute to hard work if someone wants to attain zenith in their career. All through his life he performed his duties with utmost dedication, passion and care. He never mixed his professional service with the personal one and always maintained a good work life balance.  Dr. Kishore is a qualified pediatrician in India with having gold medal under his name. Kishore is always hungry for more knowledge and training and this is his top trait that led him to the pinnacle where he is today. His hunger for knowledge led him to do super specialization in pediatrics – from England, Australia and USA, where he got vital exposure and experience too that is required for a medical professional to perform their duties in the finest manner. He has been featured in Marquis who and who 1996 edition. He was also a special invitee of focus group discussion in a conclave led by former US President Bill Clinton. It was this event that turned out to be the turning point of his career. This event ‘Kicked in’ the entrepreneur soul of Kishore and rest is a history. After this event he felt to do something in India to help bring Indian maternal and newborn care to the standards that was generally found in the best hospitals across the world. Henceforth the journey of Cloudnine started. Cloudnine Group of Hospitals is a chain of maternity, childcare, and fertility hospitals headquartered in Bengaluru, India. The diverse and vital leadership exposure which Kishore has earned in UK and Australia is playing a pivotal role in running Cloudnine hospitals successfully. He considers that Cloudnine does not have any competition as most people in the segment are copying what they are doing, and one can copy a product or service but cannot copy an idea. Therefore, he believes that Cloudnine will always be ahead in the game and will also constantly evolve to meet the growing need of the healthcare sector.
Kishore Transformed an Impossible looking Idea into Reality
Kishore is a decorated neonatologist in India who has worked in some of the best hospitals in the world that have a 0% maternal mortality rate during the delivery process and with the highest possible baby survival rate, including premature babies born as early as 24 weeks. He wanted to do the same in India, but some suggested it was impossible to do so, but for him nothing is impossible. He took that as a challenge and moved back to India and founded Cloudnine. And 11 years after its inception in 2007, Cloudnine today is recognized among one the best hospitals in the world. This hospital has delivered more than 50,000 babies and has achieved a 98.3% of survival rate with 0% maternal mortality. This statistics is nothing less than a benchmark for others players both in India and abroad.
It’s a Hospital yet Different from the others
The uniqueness of Cloudnine group of hospitals is that it does not let feel its visitors like they are entering into a hospital. Bad odor, mismanagement and disinfectant smell – all were the hallmark of hospitals in the past – not in Cloudnine Hospitals. Cloudnine group of hospitals provides special experiences to its patients with its “single specialty hospital” because no one wants to have a baby in a multi-specialty hospital where people could be suffering from cancer, broken bones – and dying next to your room. Kishore want parents should celebrate childbirth with joy, since it is a happy occasion and a very beginning of a new life for the entire family. Therefore, Cloudnine left no stone un-turned to provide proper safety, security and right ambience for a child birth. Even, complicated childbirth is also taken care in a very precise manner and celebrated with equal joy and utmost customer satisfaction.
Owe Gratitude towards Family and Well-wishers
Kishore has been very fortunate to be in a company of caring parents, family and friends, who have played a significant role in shaping his destiny. For him, they have been a source of inspiration, confidence, encouragement, motivation, and humility all through his life. Ramakrishna Mission also played a significant role in shaping the spiritual thinking of Kishore and thus he gives some credit to Ramakrishna Mission as well for what he is today. His mentor while doing my MD (paediatrics) in India, the late Prof (Miss) Nirmala Kesaree and Prof Dr Kallesh Hebbal were instrumental to a great extent in him becoming a global neonatologist with constant encouragement to achieve more – and Last but not the least, the late Dr Alfred Grauaug, Prof of Neonatology in Perth, Australia – had a significant impact on him becoming a great entrepreneur and investor with his acute business acumen, principles and guiding nature..
His parents stood like a rock behind him in his entire journey.
The X factor that keeps him Climbing the Success Ladder
Kishore follows his heart and thus chase his dreams with utmost sincerity. He always enjoys what he does and always focused to do something better today than yesterday. This is the mantra which assists him to improve and lead further in life.
Future Aspiration: Better Healthcare for Babies and Mothers than Present
Dr. Kishore has an ambitious plan to get into PPP’s (Public Private Partnerships) to improve the condition of maternal & neonatal care in India and also in other developing countries as well – which currently needs an overhaul. According to him, there are many like-minded persons in India who want to see a much brighter future for Indian babies and mothers. And once these people collaborate, the country will become a much better place as far as healthcare for babies and mothers are concerned.
Advice to Budding Entrepreneurs
“I advise my fellow peers to follow their dreams and work hard. Nothing in life comes easily without hard work. I encourage every employee to think on their feet, and encourage leadership training to all my colleagues/employees- we call ourselves the Cloudnine Family because we look after everyone in our organization as family. This encourages creative thinking in our organization, as they feel a sense of belonging” concludes Kishore.
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