Vineet Patawari: An Optimistic Leader taking Online Financial Education to a New Level

Vineet Patawari
Vineet Patawari

“Learning experiences are like journeys. The journey starts where the learning is now, and ends when the learner is successful. The end of the journey doesn’t know more, it’s doing more.” – Julie Dirksen, Learning Strategy Consultant.
Learning should never stop at any cost and people should continuously upgrade them with knowledge and wisdom shared by great souls. Optimistic by nature, Vineet Patawari the Co-Founder and CEO Kredent Infoedge which owns, Kredent Academy and StockEdge. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and a post graduate from IIM Indore. He shunned a seven figure salary from campus placement to start his first entrepreneurial venture. He believes that laser sharp focus, clarity of thought and communication is the key to success along with consistency and perseverance.
Vineet was keen to create a niche in finance & financial markets and established a financial market training platform named ElearnMarkets and StockEdge, which acts as a stock market analytics tool (currently a mobile application)
Inspired by Partners
The entrepreneurial journey so far has been full of learning new things. The real excitement kicks in when you see that the product created by you is changing lives. Vineet said “Both my partners Vivek Bajaj and Vinay Pagaria are great sources of inspiration, zeal and passion which kept me afloat in turbulent times.
About the Company
ElearnMarkets (ELM) is a platform for learning & certification on various aspects of Financial Markets from market experts with practical orientation, interactive learning, gamification & moviefication.
Elearnmarkets recognized that the lack of financial literacy is a serious hindrance to the economic growth of India. Hence they made it a point to spread financial literacy in multiple ways so that it becomes easy for an individual to be financially aware. It aims at bridging the financial literacy gap, intends to meet lifetime needs of –  learning finance, tracking financial markets and earning and managing money in a compact and simple manner
To make financial markets simple StockEdge, a Value for Money fintech tool is used as the vertical that will empower stock investors and traders for better decision making through automated Analytics & Data Visualization. StockEdge is now India’s fastest growing stock market tool with over 700,000 users downloads and rating by over 13000 users.
Vineet’s Advice to Entrepreneurs
Vineet strongly suggests everyone to read a few books which helped him to explore new ideas, such as The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli. Some of his other favourites are Thinking, fast & slow by Daniel Kahneman and The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. He even says “Always clear thinking and clear communication works as the core for team management. Creative thinking at work will help to develop core competencies and growth hacks for the business.”
Creating detailed SOPs and continuous training of a skilled team will define the strength and scalability of every business. Moreover, the relationships which the company builds with various stakeholders are extremely crucial for the long term sustainability. There should be passion & compassion in whatever the businessman does. Try to make things as structured as possible in the startup by defining SOPs, KRAs & KPIs, communication templates and so on.
Future Plans of Elearnmarkets
The world is changing fast, and you need to learn new skills and update old ones to stay relevant and competitive in your career. The highly dynamic financial markets and financial services industry, especially the capital markets provide exciting and rewarding career opportunities to thousands of students and professionals every year. So, challenging ourselves and setting a new benchmark every time is what we intend to do
While talking about the goal of Vineet, he said “I want my business to be always profit oriented & growth focused and want to become a key player in increasing the demographic coverage of financial markets in India. We have a vision to serve 1 crore Indians by 2020”
Source :-The 10 Dynamic Business Achiever To Watch In 2018

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