Krishna Raj Sharma: Spanning Exciting Milestones into the ‘DNA’s’ of Business Era

Krishna Raj Sharma | Director and CEO | iValue Infosolutions - Insights Success

The lives of entrepreneurs are not at all easy as they surpass the mountains of difficulties with lots of dedication, unwavering willingness and insightful determination. The energy to face these challenges comes from the core interest and love towards the work. As Steve Jobs, , rightly asserted, “Your work is going to fill a large part of life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”
Krishna Raj Sharma, who is successfully spearheading the business as the Director and CEO at iValue Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd is one such leader who is lively, versatile and dedicated to accomplish his missions which has made him one of the foremost business achiever. iValue is a leading digital company which is providing optimal and scalable solutions to the world in the domain of Digital Asset Protection and Data, Network and Application Protection and Management space. The goal of the company is to identify the areas of opportunities for the growth of its OEMs and Partners by adding value to its customers.
The Leading-Light of the Company
Krishna Raj is an Electronics and Communication Engineering graduate from Karnataka, who possess not only strong technical skills but also have a great business acumen. Being a customer-centered individual, he is very passionate to solve customers’ business needs and developing connections with Partner and OEM group. Besides having special attention for cyber security areas, he is very eager in learning, evolving and adapting things in a fast changing technology world. He always looks for the deep-cornered areas and strategies in the IT industry to monetize them for the profit of the company’s stakeholders.
iValue’s Unique Services
iValue was established with a mission to empower organizations to efficiently manage their ‘Digital Assets’ which would guarantee profitable growth. It delivers varied unique services such as BFSI vertical practice, Government horizontal practice, Enterprise datacenter practice and consultant engagement activities including ‘Big Four’ firm. It also emphasizes on customer’s life-cycle based approach for business development purpose driven by analytics.
iValue carries more than 17 years of strong experience in Digital Asset protection and management technology areas which has made it a successful digital organization. The factors such as consultative approach, customer-centric mission and focused vision on adding value to every stakeholder have assisted iValue to grow consistently. Another factor which makes it unique is it’s encouraging cross-functioning team involvement to address end-to-end needs of the customers.
Krishna Raj’s Motivations and Entrepreneurial Journey
Krishna Raj believes that something which matters a lot in achieving success is having a ‘right attitude’ towards work life. The biggest motivating factors for Krishna Raj are ‘patience and wide approach’ towards challenges which have always assisted him to reach to a pragmatic and rock-solid solution. He further added, “I am always thankful to have met people at different stages and juncture from whom I have learnt diverse skills which has been helping me today to run the company as an entrepreneur with an aligned and motivated team”.
Speaking on his entrepreneurial journey, he asserts, “I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey so far, in fact at every stage of it. I am eagerly looking for greater happiness while moving forward. The learning out of my journey has always had greater impact than any of the books or individuals.” 
While Learning, Sky is the Limit
Everyone in this world develops their own learning process which makes them more independent and inspiring. Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. Likewise, Krishna Raj too firmly believes that learning is a continuous process which makes every individual progressive. Risk taking is one of the crucial factors in developing businesses which helps the organizations to define their objectives for the future. While taking his views on risk-taking factor, he mentioned, “It has never been a severe risk while working with a well-trained team around”. The integrated skillsets and collective efforts of iValue team have placed the organization on the crest of the wave.
A Master’s Advice to the Budding Entrepreneurs
Krishna Raj directs that passionate, motivated and aligned team is the key to success. He advises his budding entrepreneurs to understand their teams’ strengths, passion and aligning roles which helps in cultivating a creative culture. He advises them to use performance measurement tools which assist the organizations in aligning intent goals to maximize results.
iValue has been achieving four times greater market growth consistently in last decade and with Krishna Raj’s profound experience & leadership skills, iValue will continue to work efficiently to keep the Customers’ & Partners’ expectations intact and soar to its heights of success.
Source :-The 10 Dynamic Business Achiever To Watch In 2018

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