Major Manjit Rajain: Serving with Dignity

Major Manjit Rajain

The Tenon Group of Companies is an Integrated Security & Facilities Management Business started in 1995, and today has a global presence in 3 countries with over 55,000 employees in 70 + branches, providing a comprehensive range of services to more than 2000+ corporate.
Founded by Major Manjit Rajain, the company started with manned guarding services – Peregrine Guarding which quickly established itself as the premier establishment. It has been independently rated by KPMG, EY and Deloitte amongst the top four service providers in the country.
Coming from a distinguished family of Haryana, Major Manjit Rajain, Founder of Tenon Group, has served in the Cavalry for 7 years. Yearning for more, his quest led him to join and serve with the police force in J&K. The life and learning in the Army and Police enabled and enhanced his knowledge in the Security domain.  Throwing caution to the winds, he stepped into the corporate world and established himself as a first generation entrepreneur in 1995, by starting Peregrine Guarding Private Limited, a company providing Security Solutions.
I attribute my success to the people around me, both personally and professionally,” says Manjit. The belief that employees are the biggest assets of the organization, drives all his actions and plans. Tenon employees, through their hard work, passion and commitment have helped the Group differentiate themselves in the market place and realize Corporation’s aspirations.
Providing Exceptional Services
Manjit’s vision for growth led to the expansion of the business and in 2007, Tenon Integrated Facilities Management Services was established. In 2009 the corporation was further strengthened by the acquisition of a leading electro mechanical service provider – Rotopower.
With the listing in the London Stock Exchange (AIM) through its holding company Mortice Limited, registered in Singapore, Tenon had the distinction of being the only corporation in Asia offering Integrated Facility Management Services, Security and Electrical & Mechanical services to be featured. In 2013, Tenon expanded its global footprint and established its presence in Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka through Saudi Tenon and Tenon Lanka, respectively. 2014 was another landmark year for Tenon both in terms of market expansion and new business venture.
Globally, Tenon made a significant foray in Netherlands through Amsterdam Arena International and the business saw an extensive expansion through the launch of a new vertical – Soteria, a state-of-the-art Control and Command Center, offering remote surveillance services.
Turning Challenges into Opportunities
Risks and failures is path transcended by any entrepreneur. The challenge is to accept the same and convert it into learning and success,” says Manjit. There were several defining moments in his professional graph, which came as a risk and challenge, but eventually turned out to be vital to the growth path of the organization.
He recalls his first challenge when the company was hired to provide 100 guards to be deployed in South City 1 Gurgoan. At that point, Manjit neither had the money nor the ability; he didn’t know where to find the people or how to train them. He generated capital by selling his car and started consolidating people (for guards) from the various construction sites and gave them the necessary training, in duties as well as grooming. He himself used to do the rounds, both during the day as well as night to ensure everything was running smoothly.
The interesting and challenging episode in his entrepreneurial life was when the company got a huge contract and they were not making profit so he decided to wear the uniform of a Supervisor and stand at the porch of the Hotel, opening cars for the guests. “This was by far the most humbling experience which made me appreciate dignity in work,” shares Manjit.
Expert Advice to Budding Entrepreneurs
One of the basic fundamental that Manjit adopts is the “being human” approach, a mix of understanding the strength and frailties, adapting them to deliver optimum human success. “There is no substitute to hard work. Don’t ask somebody to do something which you can’t do yourself. In any business, do not lose dignity and integrity. They define you,” says Manjit.
Upcoming Endeavours
Learning from life experiences is what keeps Manjit going. “My growth is linked and reflected in the growth of my people and my company – The Tenon Group,” says Manjit. Tenon has a strategic business expansion plan across Asia while having established its footprints in UK and Singapore. Most of the growth till now has been organic in nature but now the focus is on inorganic expansion. They are in the acquisition mode and would be analyzing and assessing opportunities in the M&A space. Moreover, they intend to establish themselves as the market leader in the integrated security and facility management space.
Source :-The 10 Dynamic Business Achiever To Watch In 2018

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