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Ascend Telecom Infrastructure: A Single and Sustainable Platform for All the Telecom Infrastructural Requirements

The technology, network, products, and services that facilitate communication and transmission over large distances, all come under the umbrella of telecommunication infrastructures. It has been evolving continuously with the burgeoning of single purpose to multipurpose networks. With the fast-paced advancements in telecom sector, increasing need of ultra-high speed data at least costs, and new developments in content delivery on the mobile media,….
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Company of the Month

Origin to Future Consultancy Services: Re-shaping the Telecom Landscape with State of the Art Network Engineering Services

Forming the backbone of the ever changing and dynamic telecom industry, Network reliability is one of the key factors in delivering the voice and data for effective communication between humans and devices…..
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The 10 Best Performing telecom Solution Providers 2018

*astTECS: A Pioneer in the Asterisk Ecosystem Gearing to Render Cost-Effective Telephony Solutions

Today, telecommunication continues to be at the fore-front of disruption, growth, and innovation. It is delivering momentum and increasing collaboration with newer technologies and applications, such as Internet of Things (IoT), automation, and surveillance...

Voxvalley Technologies: One-Stop Destination for End-to-End VoIP Products and Solutions

Voxvalley Technologies is one of the leading Telecommunication Software and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Communication Platform Providers in India. The company renders various services to its clients ranging from CPaaS (Communications Platform as...

V.R. Power Equipments: Offering Customized and Turnkey O&M Solutions to Telecom Companies

With a dream to serve the telecom industry with innovative and technologically advanced power products and reliable services, V.R. Power Equipments Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 2005. Headquartered in Jaipur, Rajasthan, it is committed...

CXO Standpoint

Watch these 5 network trends in 2019

In the last couple of years, we saw networking priorities shift with software-defined networking (SDN) technology taking the center stage as the biggest driver of change. As a business leader, the timing couldn’t be...

Interview With Insights Success

MOBtexting: Rendering Simplified and Sophisticated Communication Solutions

Business communication challenges and marketing strategies vary across sectors as well as are different for every company. The difficulties that a healthcare company faces are entirely different from the difficulties a restaurant chain faces....


Understanding Gen Z and Mapping the Future of Business

The age of millennials is gone. The phrase, “kids these days”, is now shifted to the new generation- Gen Z. If millennials brought in a revolutionary change with them, Gen Zers will leave the...

Tech Review

5 Reasons- Why the Buzz around Bluetooth 5.0 is Getting Louder?

Bluetooth- this popular wireless networking technology is named after the nick name of a powerful 10th century Danish king- Harald Blatand. His close ones often fondly called him as Harald Bluetooth due to his...