B4U Network: The True Bollywood Entertainer

B4U Network

Tim Berner’s Lee graced the world with the world wide web (www) and till this day we have not seen the complete stretch of what all we can achieve with it. The common internet brought us numerous opportunities; it revolutionized the way people interact with one another and allowed us to access information which previously had been very tough to get our hands on. But perhaps the best gift of all that this invention has presented, many would agree, is YouTube.

YouTube is a platform on which content creators and media houses can upload their work for the whole world to see. With the prerequisite of an internet connection and a device capable of rendering it, anyone can set up shop on YouTube. Some channels host cat videos, some provide motivational content, some host lectures and talks from credible personalities, some provide a window into the lives and daily escapades of incredible adventurers. The possibilities of what one can create and host on YouTube are endless. Many channels cater to the entertainment needs that we all crave so dearly. One such channel network which has managed to ensnare and infatuate the heart of millions of Bollywood lovers and entertainment addicts is the B4U Network.

The B4U network has been labelled as the foremost Asian channel to pioneer Bollywood and Indian entertainment worldwide. Since its inception, B4U has successfully created a brand with a strong momentum, across multiple platforms including TV, cinema, news media, and digital. Today, B4U is a select top brand on Bollywood entertainment, culture, and lifestyle.

B4U Movies brings to viewers the very best of Bollywood films, from the latest blockbusters to classic old-time favourites. The channel provides a diverse range of films for Bollywood fans worldwide as well as an unprecedented access to the magic of Bollywood; with star studded interviews, exclusive footage, behind the scenes, and the making of films.

B4U’s international distribution has been delivering the hits with popular flicks like Patiala House, Bazaar, Kaabil, Vijay the Master. B4U is among the leading distributors of Bollywood content internationally.

B4U launched its first YouTube channel – B4U Movies, back in 2016. Since then, the network has only expanded across genres and regions in India and globally, providing fresh content through 16 different channels and amassing billions of views altogether!

The flagship channel creates Bollywood content across the years. The year 2018 saw B4U expand its Bollywood reach with the launch of B4U Multiplex which innovates and builds on the primary channel. This new channel was a big hit among Bollywood lovers too.

In 2018, its major foray in regional content on YouTube commenced with the launch of B4U Bhojpuri, which too has received immense love becoming one of the fastest growing channels for B4U.

The Idea

To provide quality entertainment digitally whilst also providing access to entertainment to a larger audience with the added value through their theatrical and TV platforms – this is the prime mover behind B4U’s origin, and also the cause of all its subsequent success. The channels have mainly focused on Bollywood, music, and regional content. The idea is to provide the audience entertainment across genres and regions. The network has expanded and innovated into subgenres and regions to keep providing the audience entertainment that meets all their needs.

These days, B4U’s regular process includes a thorough content evaluation to determine quality of content that is feasible for the channels – in terms of market fit, previous platform performance, cast, story, and using analytics to determine performance of similar content on digital platforms.

Rising to the Challenge

The channels have grown with great speed and within a span of just a few years have become dominant channels in their respective markets. The main challenge is to maintain the same velocity for their growth in the future, which they have been addressing with strategic content curation to ensure they maintain the same growth.

The lockdown left many people stranded at their homes and spend more time with their devices and find comfort in their homes. Therefore, new audiences have joined in the digital entertainment ecosystem as well existing audience have started consuming more content leading to a stark increase in the overall content consumption for the audiences.

Noteworthy Awards

The B4U channels have meticulously provided content that is relevant to every strata of society thereby providing entertainment to all. The pages have witnessed great viewer retention rates and repeat audiences who have shown showed huge admiration and connect with the channels. This market reach of B4U can be observed by the well-deserved awards and achievements they have received over the years, some of which are:

  • B4U Movies – Gold Button (1 million subscribers)
  • B4U Mini Theatre – Gold Button (1 million subscribers)


The network executives see a consistent growth and viewership increase coming from their existing channels as the base for the same increases with the addition of new digital viewers. Coupled with strategically curated content in the near future, the network also expects to see more time spent per user on these channels.

B4U looks to explore new opportunities to entertain the audience with their own film production and music video contents in the future.

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