Banthia & Co. Advocates: Spreading Its Legal Legacy Worldwide

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There are few things in this world which gets better as time passes or it can be said that if they are aged very well, their quality raises to a whole another level. Some experiences are of a very high value because they have been out there for a long time and that too for everyone to share. In our country as an essence – such esthetics have been passed down from generation to generation in every family as a tradition. These traditions define the solidarity of a family and the virtues they bring about for everyone to adhere to.
One such family, which has been practicing law as a long running tradition is Banthia & Co. Advocates. The law firm has been pioneer in property law & real estate matters across the country. The firm also serves Archdioceses/Dioceses and Religious Congregations of Roman Catholic Church spread throughout the world. Moreover, expertise in local laws is the firm’s forte as its presence is nearly in all states of India ensuring the maximum competency in legal solutions. The Madhya Pradesh based firm, headquartered at Bhopal believes in grouping together committed & specialized advocates under a single roof for providing legal services to clients in best manner possible across different sectors in central India.
Beginning of a Heritage
More than six decades now, the firm is serving in the legal profession. Since its inception in 1953, the firm started with three offices & workforce of ten advocates under the leadership of Late Shri Nihal Singh ji Banthia who was founder of the Banthia & Co. Advocates. Even before the formation of the firm, Late Shri Mishrilal Ji Banthia (father of Late Shri Nihal Singh ji Banthia) began his career as a lawyer in 1927. He also exercised his judicial powers during the British rule in India.
Now, sitting at the helm is his great grandson Neelesh Banthia is the CEO of the firm. He is a seasoned lawyer & well experienced in dealing with legal matters across the globe. And, soon this firm will be nurtured by the fifth generation lawyer, by the daughter of Neelesh -Mahak Banthia after completing her Law.
Carrying Forward the Legacy
Neelesh & B.S. Banthia (his father) are presently running the firm with full dedication and commitment. Neelesh started his career as a pilot and then worked in various countries at a legal position. After realizing that his place is back at home, he diverted his efforts to bring innovation in the legal profession.  His dynamic approach was towards reorienting conventional ways of legal practice in India. Considered amongst the youngest law firm owners in India, he has more than two decades of experience and he manages a team of around 350 lawyers across the world.
At present, we are having a full-fledged team of 400 advocates & 23 offices across the world” says Neelesh proudly.
The Journey So Far
The passion towards serving the legal profession of the firm has stimulated its activities internationally as well. It is operating two subsidiary international offices in New York & Chicago. Apart from this, the firm is having six international offices in Dubai, Japan, Singapore, Turkey, U.K (BLS- Banthia Legal Services – a UK based Knowledge Process Outsourcing Company and a subsidiary of BCA) and U.S.A.
What sets the firm apart from its competitors is the core ideology of the Banthia & Co. Advocates. Neelesh expresses, “We believe in perfection, punctuality, sincerity and commitment towards our work. Maintaining friendly and cordial long term relationship with clients is what gives us an edge over other law firms, which is lacking in most of the lawyers these days.”
The firm’s mantra has been, ‘Embrace diversification in the legal profession by observing discipline, commitment, honesty and the ability to deliver the results as soon as possible.’ As a law firm, Banthia & Co. does not believe in designations and have always tried to bridge the gap between senior and junior advocates. We have observed that the senior lawyers have experience whereas, the junior lawyers have a very good command on technology & we try to inculcate these two factors in-order to provide the best possible results for the clients in various sectors” says Neelesh.
The most challenging instance for the firm has been the journey from three to over twenty offices which was not an easy task, according to Neelesh. As the firm was entering into a niche field in the catholic system, being a non-Catholic was the biggest problem which also posed the issue of overcoming unidentified barriers of competition. All of these issues were tackled with grit and Neelesh praises the whole team across the globe for their hard work.
Moving Forward
The firm is constantly improving via incorporating a small initiative. Providing a better and trustworthy environment to clients along with a growth oriented approach while maintaining friendly atmosphere for young and budding lawyers of the country.
Banthia & Co. Advocateslist of future development may consist venturing into more legal fields in various countries like Canada, Australia, Kuwait, France and Abu Dhabi. Imparting some wisdom, Neelesh adds, “We need to understand that advocacy is a service oriented field having a dynamic environment. We need to accept the changes taking place and adapt to it accordingly.”

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