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Suneet Sabale , Founder & CEO, Brainiac IP Solutions | Insights Success | Business Magazine

Incepted in the year 2010, Pune based Brainiac IP Solutions is one of the leading and trusted names in the field of Intellectual Property Rights from the past eight years. The company is providing end-to-end solutions for all the Intellectual property services. Additionally, it has started offering global trademark services, patent licensing and valuation and market research.
Recently, in the year 2018 the company was recognized as one of the ‘Emerging Markets Business Award’ by CV Magazine. Also, recognized as the Best IP Solution provider received ‘Company Excellence Award’ and listed in top ranks by some of the well-recognized magazines.
Meet the Multi-talented CEO
Suneet Sabale, the Founder & CEO of Brainiac IP Solutions is a mechanical engineer, having over one and a half decade of working experience in Patent Industry.  Way back in 2005, Suneet started his career in patents and now, he is a registered Indian Patent Practitioner. He started this company with an intention to safeguard the invention of various companies and assist them in making more profits. This can be done by saving turnaround time on R&D and by protecting the invention with maximum coverage, thereby preventing others from getting away with minor modifications.
Suneet has received a “Global Achievers Award” in the year 2016 and “Young Entrepreneurs” award for his excellence in Patent field. Additionally, he is a Certified Life Coach and Executive Coach from Symbiosis International, which help him to understand the exact requirements of the clients. He also conducts group coaching session and individual coaching sessions as a part of his personal interest. He is continuously assisting multinational companies, SME’s, Individual entrepreneurs, University and Colleges from different technology domain for their R&D activity and thereafter for protecting their inventions in India and aboard.
The Focus of Global Achiever
The skilled engineers of the company have a vast understanding of technical requirements. They majorly focus on the drafting, filing, and analytics of patents, as well as trademark filing and watch services for their valued clients. They also drafts patents in line as per the U.S., European, Indian and PCT requirements.
With a multitude of testimonials and awards under their belt, there’s a reason so many companies worldwide choose Brainiac IP Solutions time and time again. One of the best parts is that the company believes in upholding its ethical, confidential, and integral approach. It protects its client’s rights and increases their revenue, with Brainiac IP Solutions.
Breaking Shackles, Building Empire
“It’s very difficult, specifically with Indian clients to make them understand what is a proper drafted patent, why it is costly and what are the precautions one need to take.” says Suneet.
Furthermore, he also shared that they have tried to convince many Indian origin MNC’s about their work and advantage. But, due to the lack of clarity and less risk taking ability of clients, especially in India, there is a very large gap between the client and the company. The credibility of patents and its importance has degenerated in India. Reasons range from no logical infringement cases being filed, to the cost offered by the Indian government to the patent facilitators. Thus, finally the Indian companies just entrust their work to old firms, even if these firms have failed to enhance their skills. Owing to this, the company has been able to convince its abilities to Foreign entities rather easily who have helped in making the venture run smoothly. For the Indian clients, it has structured portals like first time to help people have a better grasp on the issue.
It has served many clients globally, where many of them will stand out with respect to work satisfaction.
Advice from an Entrepreneur
In comparison to any field as on date, IP needs patience and more intellectual work; therefore it’s more tiring than any other field. It seems lucrative from outside, but efforts are also more. So if you are able to give more and work smarter, you can join this field.
Remarkable Future
Brainiac is on an expansionary path and is looking to expand into new markets. Currently, over 1000 clients have been served, majorly from India, US, Europe and China . It is planning to open offices in major countries like USA, Germany, France, Canada and South Africa. Also, the registered Brainiac Global Consulting is more interested in working with MNC’s globally. Further, it has also started working with doctors and individual inventors in assisting them in developing products.

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