Brainvire launches the best ever products ‘Windows Security Application’ and ‘Disk TuneUp’ for the Windows PC owners


“Brainvire launches the best ever products ‘Windows Security Application’ and ‘Disk TuneUp’ for the Windows PC owners that shall help your system run faster, better and safer than ever!
16 January, 2015 – Brainvire, one of the leading software development companies of the world, is all set to announce the launch of the two amazing products for your computers; ‘Windows Security Application’ and ‘Disk TuneUp’, both of which contributes in maintain the security and high performance of your PC.
‘Windows Security Application’ is one of the best ways to keep your confidential data safe and secured. This is a way beyond the antivirus software that works only on the pattern matching and signature. This software changes the keystrokes as you type, so that hackers who are keeping a tab on you never come to know what you actually typed. This replaces your keystrokes into some random pattern or numbers and alphabets to take hackers on the wrong path and keep your data secured! This is the best way to protect your banking accounts as well as email and social media accounts.
Your system works slower and poorer with time; this is because of the automatic creation of the registry files and temporary internet files as well as crap like broken shortcuts. In order to get rid of all these things, you must install the ‘Disk TuneUp’. It cleans up your PC and removes all the crap to make some disk space free which will help you in making your system work faster and perform better than ever!
“Data security and system performance are the priority when it comes to business. These minute details contribute the most in the success of the company. The ‘Windows Security Application’ and ‘Disk TuneUp’ together helps your system stay safe and perform the best. Install these products in your PC and set yourself free from the fear of data insecurity and poor performance of your system”, said Chintan Shah, CEO at Brainvire.
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