Bramma: Revolutionizing the SMEs


Most of the small and medium level businessmen face challenges in structuring and systemizing their organizations. Most of them faced the issues because of their traditional management style. Thus, they were stuck in their process of expanding their business. Bramma, the consulting service firm, decided to start from the top by mentoring these business people. Bramma made these businessmen consulting ready and then entered into their organizations. Thus they got clear solutions in implementing strategies throughout their institution.
Bramma mainly focuses on the practical issues faced by small and medium level businessmen. By analyzing their problems, Bramma helps them in setting a clear vision, designing a proper strategy, developing organization structure, setting up systems, streamlining the processes, supporting in the recruitment, imparting training and mentoring the key people of the organization.
Motive Forces of Bramma
Sajeev Nair is the Managing Director and Chairman of Bramma. He is a great visionary, having excellent corporate experience in the fields of HR, Marketing, and Corporate Planning. Became an entrepreneur by choice and turned into the field of Training and Development. He has trained more than 1,00,000 people from all walks of life on Behavioral Skills and Creative Imagination. He is also an Author and a Columnist in Business Publications and has received many awards for his entrepreneurial contributions.
A.R.Ranjith is the CEO of Bramma. He is having immense experience at IBM, Helix and Kerala Govt projects in management strategic consulting and also has hands on experience in strategizing and implementing result oriented systems for more than 300 small businesses.
Creative Functioning
Most consultants end up by developing numerous reports and templates unlike that team Bramma design MIS but make sure that it is implemented by thorough follow up for 2-3 months. If any issues happen, the rectifying measures are also taken. Thus, when the company is systemized and the information starts flowing an automatic increase of profit can be seen. This may happen between 6 months to 1 year time period. Bramma also takes care of the entire management aspect of a company to make them move to the next level; including HR, Operations, finance and the sales and marketing which makes it one of the rare consultants in the country itself to provide these many services under one roof.
Services offered by Bramma:
Management consulting
Bramma START UP: With Bramma START UP package, you will be fully ready to launch the business.
Bramma RESEARCH: Marketing and operational feasibility can be studied scientifically by a Bramma team with different types of surveys and interviews to help you with the real results.
Bramma SCAN: SCAN goes through every department and every person to help you in identifying the issues inside the company and the solution to overcome it.
Bramma INSIGHTS: INSIGHTS provide you all the support you need to streamline your entire operations and to take the company to the next level.
Bramma MAKE OVER: A complete strategic marketing and branding service is provided through MAKE OVER assignment.
Bramma REVIEW: Bramma REVIEW thus can enhance the performance level of the organization in the most effective manner.
Bramma MENTORING: All the organizational doubts can be addressed through Bramma MENTORING sessions. A mentor can guide you to make better decisions for the better business.
Training and Development
Vision/Strategy setting workshop: Bramma’s vision workshops develop an apt vision statement for the organization, which help in developing appropriate strategies to attain that vision.
Attitude re-engineering training: The attitude is more important than skill. This is done through a step-by-step process which is developed through intense research by the expert training team in Bramma.
Sales Enhancement training: Sales enhancement can be done when the sales team identifies the reasons for selling that product or service. Bramma training sessions give them proper reasoning for the same and make them motivated for more sales using innovative tips and techniques.
Operational excellence training: Many issues in organizations occur due to role ambiguity and lack of ownership. The importance of taking ownership will be communicated and techniques to become a team leader that are presented through these sessions.
Outbound trainings: Outbound trainings are necessary for improvement, Bramma’s specially trained OBT trainers can thus help you to improve the efficiency of your team.
Growlab-Business connection platform
GrowLab is an initiative from Bramma, using its long term experience in re-engineering scaling up more than 300 companies in India and the Middle East. Team Bramma’s expertise in systemizing/ managing/re-engineering/turning around businesses will be a huge advantage to the members of this platform.
Future sketch
Bramma has created a big brand name in the SME sector in Kerala. In the coming years Bramma plans to be the final word of ‘entrepreneurship’ in South India and in the Gulf region. Bramma will be creating social business circles all over the nation to spread the awareness of entrepreneurship and to help rural India to gain strength and thus contribute much to our economy. Bramma also plans the activities starting from business courses like CERTIFIED BUSINESS LEADER, campus initiatives like EXPOSURE, funding platforms like GROWLAB etc.

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