Krib Information Services: Ensuring Efficient Employee Background Verification while Assuring Safe Workplace

With the advancement in the world of science and technology, the needs and necessities of the people are transforming rapidly. Apparently, not only the thinking of people, rather the lifestyle of people and the workflow of the enterprises are evolving too. With the sudden changing demands of clients and workforce preference, the definitions of consulting companies and consultants are changing.
To overcome the ups and downs of the industry, Krib Information Services, the leading Employee Background verification company, is aiding the corporate world and taking the industry forward. Since its inception in 2010, the company is known to provide Employee Background verification services in PAN India to every enterprise ranging from small businesses to multi-nationals. Industry experts say that the employee background screening is a vital part for employers to protect their businesses from legal hassles that can arise from minor negligence. With Krib Information Services, companies can benefit to avoid those risk factors and minimize the cost of replacement hiring which can be as much as five times the salary of the post to be filled.
Krib Information Services is ensuring a better quality of employee with their extensive knowledge in the field and the enormous expertise in employee background check. While providing a comprehensive and legally compliant result that help employers to reduce workplace violence, theft, substance abuse and negligent hiring, the company is creating a safe and productive workplace for the employees. The immense experience in the field has earned them the certifications from Directors Guild of America, International Organization for Standardization, Quality Assurance (QA) and a membership in NASSCOM
Offering Best-in-Class Solutions in Lowest Price and Fastest Pace
Krib Information Services has a wide range of network and that is what helps it to grab all the opportunities that come its way and makes the best out of it. With a nationwide networking, presence in PAN India and elsewhere, the company provides all the major verification services in India and US to meet the ever-growing needs of their customers across different locations. It is known to offer solutions that are the lowest as compared to the market price and fastest in terms of delivery. While ensuring the least expensive solution and super fast delivery, Krib Information Services assures zero compromises with the quality.
Krib Information Services is quite famous for their services in the field of major verification checks for the Employees which includes Address Verification, Education Qualification Verification, The Past and Current Employment Verification, Professional Reference Verification, DrugTest Verification, Criminal Record Verification Through Court, Identity Verification, Database Check, Document verification, etc.
About the Man Leading Krib Information Services
Anil Agarwal, the Sole Proprietor of Krib Information Services, is the one promoting the company responsibly since its beginning days and improving its services to ensure client satisfaction. He is a man of knowledge, experience, and expertise of another level. After completing his Masters in Computer Application from Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar, Anil has sincerely finished his degree in Masters of Business Administration from Sikkim Manipal University.
With a rich working experience of more than a decade in the industry of Employee Background Screening Company, Anil is leading the industry now and helping clients achieve their goal. To any common-man, awards mark out one’s achievement and point out how good he/she is and Anil is one such man who has been winning awards since the beginning of his journey. Started his career with Onicra Credit Rating Agency of India as an Executive Operation in EBS (Employee Background Screening Department) in the year 2005-2006, where he was awarded as the “Best Employee of the Year” in 2009.
Thinks out-of-the-box strategies and Commits to Accuracy
This employment background verification company is known to think out-of-the-box and deliver quality services to the industry. With a commitment to accuracy, each employment background check at Krib Information Services undergoes extensive quality assurance protocol and the company has already been seen to adopt a pre-employment screening methodology based on their unique industry expertise protecting the company, employees, and clients from personal and financial risk. The researchers and investigators of the team have developed an extensive network, which includes a close working relationship with members of the universities and colleges, companies for employment verification and education departments of governments, that gives them quick and ready access to authentic and accurate information.
Krib Information Services provides clear, concise and easy to understand screening reports. It’s diligent employment background screening capabilities provide important and current information to their clients. It says that the criminal background checks are conducted at the source and not via any third-party databanks and that stands to be a critical factor for an accurate employment background check. They are helping businesses with their flexible state-of the art employment screening technology, access to web-based tools simplifying employee background check process from instant employment background check products and FCRA compliance assistance to paperless solutions. Their services are also known to facilitate cost-effective and expedited employment screening services.
Way to the Future
The need for Employment Background Screening of employees in the IT and BPO industry is ever increasing and so is the demand for the job. The present scenario suggests that most multinationals hire only verified candidates. Krib Information Services is working hard to develop the means and expertise to assist these companies and individuals in ensuring a safe work environment. The company is leading the industry and looking forward to doing so in the future.

Source :- The 10 Most Admired Consulting Companies in 2017

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