Raje Project Management: Emphasizing on the Utilization of Resources in the Most Efficient Manner

Raje Project Management
Raje Project Management

Built on strong foundations of principles and values, Raje Project Management is an initiative of Dr. H. M. Raje, an academician and a technocrat. It is the values that motivate the company to deliver most efficiently with utmost sincerity towards professional and work ethics.
While dealing with building and structures, Raje Project Management goes totally out of the box. The first thing it focuses on is to challenge the status quo and all such conventional ways which can be changed by adopting modern tools, equipment and strategies to deliver in the most challenging projects to tune something which was impossible into possible! Every single step is taken through practical and meaningful approach which always adds value.
Project Management Made Easy
Raje Project Management majorly deals with building and structures, while providing clients end to end solutions right from the inception of ideas to completion. Under the buildings and structures, the company works in three kinds of projects such as Brownfield Projects, Redevelopment Projects and Corporate Fit Outs & Industrial Projects.
The company offers Project Management Services, Construction Management Services, Redevelopment Consultancy, Interior Fitouts, Capital Budgeting Through Estimation and Developing Project Cost Structure, Procurement Management (i.e. tenders, appointment and contracts), Third Party Quality Audit Services, Pre Execution Services ( plan, coordinate, estimate and procure) & Technical Due Diligence For Financial Institutions & Corporates.
Raje Project Management deals with all types of sectors, such as Real Estate Developers, Private Owners, Media Conglomerate, Education Institutions, Financial Institutions like Private Equity Funds, Retail, Hotels, Industrialist and Corporates and also Celebrities.
Varun Raje, Accelerating Raje Project Management towards Next Level of Success
Varun Raje, a young and passionate Engineer with a professional experience of 10 years who spearheads the company and oversees its operations. A Civil Engineer from Shivaji University and a Post Graduate Diploma holder in Business Management from NMIMS, Varun is pursuing his MTech in Construction Technology and Management from IIT Bombay.
Under Varun’s leadership, the company has completed many successful projects such as a Five Star Hotel in Mumbai, Mall, Commercial Buildings and a few Prestigious Residential Projects. Varun believes in forming strategies through his experience and modern technologies with a strong belief to drive the projects with complete focus and diligence. He has developed many such in-house systems which help his team to function in such a way that all critical challenges can overcome effortlessly.
Varun is currently working on an online portal which will have access to all the clients through mobile applications for MIS systems which will ensure that everybody works in tandem. He motivates his team to deliver as per client’s expectations and has gained popularity amongst clients which range from Prestigious Architects, Corporate honchos, Industrialists, emerging builders and celebrities.
While talking about the challenges company had to face on the initial stage, Varun describes, “There were quite high expectations from us considering the legacy of our parent company and its reputation. Therefore when companies start with straightforward small scale projects or let’s say relatively simpler assignments, we were conferred with complex projects. During this time, we did a lot of brainstorming and trials, used our knowledge to the fullest to overcome the hurdles to satisfactorily deliver for our clients. This phase helped us to develop such efficient approach methods that it has helped us thereafter to gain an edge in the profession of project management consultancy.”
Always Ready with a Line of Action
Client satisfaction is always on the top of the priority list for Raje Project Management. The company indulges into a lot of brainstorming and prepares various strategies to overcome all odds and deliver the best solution to the client. It believes in having an alternate plan/ line of action which seldom works when it sees any kind of mitigation in the initial thought process. It adopts a decision mapping tree process through risk management to prepare itself and its clients to face any unwanted situation. “We believe in think tank sessions with our clients as every client is different so is their requirements, therefore we consider to understand these requirements before deciding any delivery model,” adds Varun.
Raje Project Management believes in working closely with the Clients. The biggest advantage that the company provides to the clients is by using the experience in various areas to provide cost effective and the most efficient solutions in the most practical manner. The company provides its clients with personalized and tailor-made services which suit as per their working culture rather than providing them with so called standardized systems & procedures.
The company has developed its people and the organizational setup to deliver not only management services but also a blend of techno-managerial services, that’s how Raje Project Management differs from many other consultants who either work in a typical managerial framework following corporate protocols and beauracatic approach. The company has built a team to deliver prompt service which is the need of an hour.
Future Filled with Challenges and Opportunities
When it comes to outlining the future of the company, Varun asserts, “The future is quite exciting and full of challenges. At one hand we are experiencing several reforms be it changing polices, change in tax structure, competition etc., which all leads to adopting a professional approach. However, where there is a challenge, there are opportunities, and  we concentrate on them.
Meticulous planning and monitoring would be essential to deliver projects to make them conducive for companies and entrepreneurs. This is where; engaging companies like us could make a difference.”

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