P(X) Brand Ideas: A Brand Incubator and a Marketing Strategy Partner

In the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, a positive change is expected by the new talent entering the industry. Today’s need is the young talent that will create a revolution with their skills of creativity and thinking, problem-solving and logical correlation and adaptation to the emerging changes; a pressing skill to survive in a fast-paced changing world.
One such revolutionary name in the branding and consulting industry is P(X) Brand Ideas. A team full of young and dynamic talent, P(X) is a brand consultant and marketing agency in Bangalore, Cochin, and Kerala.
Knowing the importance of cooperation and collaboration within a team for the best outcome, P(X) always focuses on the environment and building strong relationships among team members to achieve mutual goals.
Ajeesh N, Forerunner of the ‘Millennial Brigade’
Every successful venture needs a leader that will show the way, go the way and make everyone follow the same dream he has dreamt about the company in their own way. One such enthusiastic persona is Njarakkadan Ajeesh, Founder of P(x) Brand Ideas.
Ajeesh, a Chemical Engineer saw the dynamic and challenging world of branding and sketched the outline of P(x) Brand Ideas.
Ajeesh started his career with SAB Miller Trade Marketing Team where he took care of all BTL activities for Foster’s, Royal Challenge, KnockOut and Hayward’s for Karnataka. Next crusade was through advertising powerhouses of Bangalore: Saatchi & Saatchi, Thousand Suns, and Leo Burnet. Advertising gave him an opportunity to work with the best of Indian corporates like Jyothi Labs, TTK, TVS, Indus League, SAB Miller etc. he also worked for a few regional brands like Bhima Jewellers, KaatiZone and John Distillers also gave a great opportunity to sharpen the branding skills.
The challenges thrown in by jobs were not enough to tie down the Entrepreneurial spirit in Ajeesh and he took the calling and started the Journey called P(X) A brand solutions agency. While narrating about it he asserts, “The name P(x) came from the mathematical function f(x), a function of variable x. ‘P’s are the pillars of marketing. Every marketer plays with variables to create a suitable equation of P’s. In P(x) we are trying to solve this equation to develop the best branding and communication plan for our clients.”
P(x), ‘Branding with a Difference’
At P(x), their endeavor is to create the best equation for its clients which enables the intersection with their stakeholders. They often call themselves, as a crazy bunch of Brand Intersection Planners.
Harnessing the power of the youth and their exuberance to create has given P(x) an edge that translates into new thoughts and ideas. P(x) is not just an advertising agency or a creative services boutique. They are a brand incubator and a marketing strategy partner.
While elaborating the idea, Ajeesh says, “Brand planning is not just about the creation of an identity or communication. It’s about planting an idea deep into the subconscious brains of the TG. These ideas will feed on the subconscious and grow to an influential force that will enable Brand Intersections. Every successful marketer will be able to plant these idea seeds deep and right into the minds of their customers.”
Climbing the Ladder of Perfection While Establishing a Brand
When it comes to creating a brand, P(x) always encourages the consumer. The P(x) way towards establishing a brand in the market is based on a holistic and cyclic approach. They tackle each and every facet of brand interaction and at the same time keeping the brand at the core of each engagement. Unlike traditional models, which terminate once the transaction is made, the relationship model of functioning P(x)  makes sure that each and every branding exercise it takes up follows the model since it has been tested and tried to show promising outcomes that have generated goodwill and brand recall time and time again.
Here are the basics followed:
Awareness: Getting the word out about a brand is of paramount importance and is undertaken with communications that are both pertinent and attention grabbing in order to capture the minds of the people.
Interaction: Getting the audience to interact first hand with the unique selling points of the brand helps people to relate to the service or product more.
Collaboration: By initiating a sequence of activities that will unify the synergy of the audience and the thrust of the brand strategy, we create collaboration that harnesses the power of convergence.
Satisfaction: For the target audience to derive the benefits of a brand directly is an amazing experience and catapults the brand to the very apogee of customer satisfaction.
Co-creation: The ultimate in projecting brand identity is for the consumers themselves to take part in the branding process. We enable such a scenario so that the brand is imprinted in the psyche of the consumers.
Future March
While talking about the future endeavor of the company, Ajeesh says, “With dot P(x), we are entering the digital market in a full-fledged manner with offering our clientele the complete online experience covering social media planning, digital marketing, web designing, search engine optimization and more. Together we shall exploit the virtual world and reach to the people all around the world.”

Source :- The 10 Most Admired Consulting Companies in 2017

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