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In this era of business world, the Business Process Management sector is undergoing a radical shift as more organizations are transforming around digital technologies. BPM solutions are getting renewed attention for their way to coordinate, optimize and automate the processes that keep the work to flow smoothly. In spirit, BPM is the connecting bridge in the modern digital enterprise.
Established in 2006, Calibehr Business Support Services Pvt Ltd is an expert business administrations endeavor and one of the Narayan Bhargava Group of companies. For more than a decade, it has been delivering digitally driven services in Staffing and BPM sectors in more than thirteen industries. Calibehr combines the forces of people, process and technology in order to provide services that result in smooth functioning of enterprises in India as well as abroad.
Calibehr as a company not only caters to the process service but also provides integrated solution along with people & technology for the sustainable growth of large businesses. It’s a pioneer in the business process management sector to facilitate all three components of the operation across pan India which is client calling, document collection, and processing to minimize any potential friction for the company.
The Relentless Driving Force of Calibehr
Narayan Bhargava is the Founder and Managing Director of Narayan Bhargava Group of companies. A First generation entrepreneur and a thorough professional, he is a qualified Chartered Accountant and a Cost Accountant with over 37 years of extensive experience. Narayan has been a relentless driving force behind all the major projects that the company has undertaken in its glorious decade. His belief in creating wealth & value for his clients, employees, vendors and stakeholders has been a key mantra for achieving organizational goals.
Calibehr’s Business Insights Solutions
Calibehr provides an innovative approach for the Indian & international clients with customized solutions in the field audits, market research to the clients across various industries. Business process management is the discipline of improving a business process from end to end by evaluating it, modeling how it works in different scenarios, executing improvements, monitoring the improved process and continually optimizing it. Calibehr continuously believes in providing end to end solutions by following the BPM Flow.
Contact Centre Management:
Contact Center Management encompass customer relationship management (CRM) technologies and analytics to deliver accurate, timely information about each customer to the point of contact by deploying analytical & six-sigma tools to assess and improve the customer experience over the Omni-channel service lines.
Data Management:
Calibehr’s team of professional and dedicated members efficiently process the data, both soft and hard, received from the clients end while maintaining its confidentiality. In this era of data-driven businesses, we are well poised to address the new age data management needs to leverage big data and analytics with privacy control and have excelled their services globally.
Document Processing:
After receiving all the necessary and relevant documents, they’re accomplished and skillful team undertakes scanning, data entry, auditing, KYC, quality check, indexing and warehousing of the collected and processed data.
Last Mile Services:
The company’s last mile services team comprises of extraordinary passionate individuals, gets in touch with the end customer for collecting KYC, bring it to a central place, and then take it back to the client. It is a field activity which generates reports, increases productivity and improves TAT.
Process Research Services:
The dedicated team of E-commerce experts, QA analysts and content specialist perform research and gather data to assist companies by secondary data methodology. They specialize in online surveys, competitive intelligence, business research, database creation and maintenance.
Currently, Calibehr is serving one of the top private sector banks in the country with their BPM solutions. File processing, Audits, Document Collection, Data Management are some of the processes that they are managing for their clients. With the help of the dedicated team of individuals and strong management team, they are achieving targets and setting new heights every time.
Improving the Clients Efficiency and Effectiveness
Calibehr approach to digitize operational processes through their expertise in Software and Network services, and operational efficiencies has opened new avenues. They’re constant drive to introduce Technology Automation which has helped them and their clients to improve their efficiency and effectiveness while delivering value through the utilization of automation, boosted controls, and the implementation of processes.
Successive Agent Overview Program
A leading provider in Global Payment Services based in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. with its presence in more than 200 countries, proposed to create an Agent Oversight Program with Calibehr for association with quality deliverable in the year 2014 in India. Agent overview program is about conducting Anti-Money Laundering to be analyzed and audited at client agent location.
Calibehr created a mobile application which made entire process automated i.e. the finding of the compliance location review along geo-location mapping along with a picture. Real-time verification for the input made in the application at the back end. The audit commenced within a year and completed 20,000 plus compliance review report for more than 300 operational cities.
After the successful agent oversight program in India, client instructed for similar practice to be carried out across Indonesia and Philippines locations. Different measures were initiated for easy risk which led to agent locations complying with the guidelines laid down by the client. Inactive location which had Business IT software issues were resolved during these visits which in turn resulted in huge growth in revenue.
Digitally Transforming the Future of Calibehr
As BPM solutions continue to evolve, they are increasingly being built into app platforms where they provide a primary engine for process optimization and automation. Calibehr is constantly working on the future of digital transformation through making contemporary app platforms that provide an avenue where data and processes flow freely.
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