The ZeroCode Platform: In it’s true sense; The Threshold’s way

The ZeroCode Platform

The global Business Process Management (BPM) market is expected to register substantial growth, attributed to the need for process automation and improved efficiency. Further, advances in Cloud Computing and Big Data offering increased efficiency in BPM software and increased IT expenditure is expected to offer noticeable growth for the global BPM market. However, resistance to adopt BPM solution by the middle management of the organizations and lack of clarity about the benefits of BPM solutions among end users stands tall in the market growth.
Threshold Software Solutions from Hyderabad, India offers services and solutions with a prominent focus on easy and quick deployment of BPM solutions through their out of box product – ZeroCode, a rapid application development platform.
Threshold is an ISO 9001 & 27001 certified Information Technology services company pursuing CMMI certification. Since 2005, they have a proven track record of successful turnkey projects across the countries like the UK, the US, Latin America, Europe and African markets. Threshold believes in leveraging the emerging technologies to explore opportunities and there by pushing horizons.
The company has evolved their business engagement models with an unparalleled visibility and allowing clients to achieve nimbleness in the face of complexity and change of today’s global businesses. Threshold helps companies to achieve measurable business value that is expected from businesses in general and IT investments in particular. It got recognized as the fifty hottest startups of India by TATA NEN and ranked in top fifty emerging companies by D&B.
Leading from the Front – The Threshold’s go to Man
Bharath Kumar B, CEO at Threshold Software solution, is instrumental in transforming Threshold as a client partnering company driving technology for business successes. The tech savvy with business acumen helps Bharath derive keen strategies, deliver results and drive the organizational growth. He is tech graduate by qualification and a serial entrepreneur by passion. Bharath has experience in working with Infosys, IBM prior to establishing this company. His integral role in the company includes strategic management, managing risk and market challenges, achieving financial objectives, and advancing technologies to generate operational excellence.
Bharath with his lead ahead approach helped the company in exploring the Latin America’s markets with descent foot hold in countries like Colombia, Chile, and Costa Rica etc. Bharath has received IT Emerging Leadership award for 2011 by Indian Economic Development and Research Association (IEDRA), New Delhi.
Engaging Business Models and Win-Win Associations
To Transform, Optimize and Innovate are the measurable business values of Threshold. Its prime offering in this space is Zero Code. It is exciting as Lego software development and works on the idea of connecting modular pieces of code to build what one need without writing code.
One of the key projects on this ZeroCode is the knowledge based loan risk assessment solution that is being offered across forty banks in Africa. This allows the banks to manage loans thereby seamlessly fostering SME sector growth in those regions. The one that comes next is the farmer one stop shop, catering all the farming needs right at the farmer’s door step which is another innovative solution that manages the socio-economic change that is needed for rural development. The company’s engaging business models and affirmative tech solutions help to cover a wide range of industries, from low tech Agri to hi-tech Automobiles, from start-ups to fortune 500, serving clients across thirty-two countries. Bharath has made the company the first choice in delivering value based, innovative solutions to customers.
What lies ahead ?
The challenge for any BPM company will likely be the risk of further slipping into the realm of commodities. Especially, looking at it from BPMS perspective: there are currently many BPM vendors doing roughly the same thing, with little to no real differentiation, which in turn will leverage price and services as competitive advantages.
Threshold offers their ZeroCode- no code platform as part of or as a complement to BPM platforms which is acting as the key to achieve a positive differentiation, besides price. The goal with Threshold’s approach is clear. The goal is to deliver better revenue, better customer experiences, better practices and cost savings. It strongly believes this would be a paradigm shift, as their company role will evolve to be an ‘enabler’, rather than a ‘doer’.
On expedition to the world of E-Governance 2.0, the company is on a move empowering an African nation with E-Governance 2.0. This turnkey assignment involves complete life cycle – design, development and capacity building. With its Zero code platform, it is rapidly implementing with a lean team structure. Another exciting project currently it is engaged with is Telematics for connected vehicles in Indian context.
With ever changing technologies, it’s really easy to become obsolete. Their ability to quickly adapt and properly leverage emerging technologies such as cognitive computing, agents, adaptive case, intelligent internet, big data, and poly-analytics, social, mobile and cloud has helped their customers embrace the positive change that BPM delivers.  Apart from this, Threshold has been constantly working with their customers by offering new engagement models and thus moving away from a pure services company into a company that is a co-partner for product development.
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