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Today, in this world, every large & small consulting firm is ready to face increased competition, as there are many enormous, exciting changes happening all over the globe. However, evolutions of management consulting companies are considered as one of the best evolution in the current era, where we call management as helping people to get any work done. And, everyone is finding management consultancy firms attractive, which are developing new businesses as a top business challenge. Thus, by accepting the challenge, with the wide range of offerings and an interesting portfolio, Baibhav Agarwal established Padrea Global Services Ltd. in 2007 with highly differentiated options in the industry.
The name ‘Padrea’ is a combination of two words ‘Passion’and ‘Dream’; values upon which the organization is running since 2007. Padrea is one of the leading management consulting companies, which advises enterprises on their most critical issues and guides them through opportunities in the diverse fields such as financial, marketing, organization, operations, information technology, digital transformation and strategy, legal and people management. It also offers a wide range of business solutions for all type of business problems to help its clients reach their goals.
A Hardworking and Enthusiastic Leader A Chartered Accountant (C.A)–Baibhav Agarwal is the Founder & Director of Padrea. Being the main pillar of the company, Baibhav controls the overall management and growth transformation of the company. He has successfully managed several well flourishing companies in the accountancy, logistics, mining & metal industry through his great entrepreneurial vision. While exploring the world, and working with numerous highly influential people and organizations, he has collected huge amount of goodwill, connections and experiences, and brought them to the table of Padrea, along with a sense of authority and empiricism. Baibhav has the core responsibility to guide the budding entrepreneurs and provide consultancy and strategic insights to his clients with a view to inhibit large scale transformation. Apart from that, he specializes in strategically acquiring companies with a view to reengineer existing business processes for the ultimate benefit of the clients.
Diversified Solutions Offered by Padrea
As the services of Padrea are pretty diversified, the clients can avail BPM solutions in almost all of their departments. Thus, all kind of business solutions can be availed under one roof of the company. Baibhav shared that the services of Padrea are highly dynamic and they are constantly in touch with the top management while guiding them and ensuring that there are no glitches and problems coming in their way. Further, Director —Baibhav shared that some of the services like research and consultancy remain available to everyone.
Moving ahead with Exciting Opportunities
Indian economy is experiencing a huge shift in the mindset of people, and especially when it comes to the youth population, as the number of startups has increased magnificently. This change can be an excellent opportunity which can help Padrea find exciting, dynamic organizations and establish successful partnerships. Thus, Padrea is aiming to take part in the massive change, which is bringing large scale innovations. They want to contribute every bit of their expertise and influence by creating meaningful partnerships and collaborations.
Currently, business owners are looking to eliminate the need of foreign consultants and working single-handedly. While this may work for a select few, the majority of those startups and businesses have realized that the assistance from foreign enterprises is crucial in today’s cut throat competition. Once the businesses analyze this underappreciated truth, the industries will open to brighter possibilities and this is what the Padrea is looking forward to.
Satisfied Customer Experience
Padrea has served many clients, where few of them stand out with respect to work satisfaction and the quantum of change. The company helped one of the major hospitals in Kolkata to realize the gaps, the loopholes in their system, and the overall impact of their brand recognition. By setting a clear-cut goal after examining and analyzing its weaknesses, a comprehensive digital marketing plan was prepared and supplemented with a robust offline marketing campaign with an objective to renovate its reputation.
A Company is no better than a Team
Director of Padrea, Baibhav talked about the three essential E’s which are “Experience, Expertise and Excellence” that makes Padrea unique. However, Padrea is having a team of experienced professionals who have gone through rough and glittering times in the past many decades and are bestowed with exceptional drive, a keen eye for detail and an extraordinary vision of picking firms to work with. Having several Chartered Accountants and Technical Innovators on board, Padrea is ready to take over any challenge and work that is entrusted on them. Further Baibhav said “Our company is no better than our team and we have established true goodwill in the market and that is what we consider as our main ‘ingredient’ as an accomplished management consultancy”. As every sector is facing huge disruption, it is important to put in maximum effort in early adoption of technology. Technology is omniscient, and it is a key trendsetter for the business environment. With passing time, they are intended to be an asset-light company by using tools which can lead to cost-reduction and a major competition driver; something which is a positive step towards increasing economic efficiency. Further elaborating about the projects, Baibhav shared that, “We are moving forward towards creating more productive and exciting partnerships, with the need to create strategic alliances with the major industries in the country”.
 Heading towards Innovative Future
Today, people in the world are getting so busy that they are falling short of time, and thus people are expecting all the possible services under one roof. This goal can be achieved effectively by increasing business connections and partnerships, so that no enterprise remains untouched by Padrea and this is how strategically they are acquiring small enterprises with promising potential and merging them under Padrea’s brand name. They are investing in latest innovation trends to satisfy client needs in a convincing manner and to also take care of international clients in countries like Dubai, Singapore, London and USA. The intent of Padrea is simple and clear; that to continue doing awesome work and believe that word-of-mouth will do the rest.
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