IIMC: A Strategic Organization Synergizing Human Asset Management Process Development

Human Asset Management

Over a decade, the BPM solution companies are bringing in various changes and the new generation workforce is completely different from the traditional ones. More emphasis is now on technology and various BPM processes are moving towards digital transformation. Numerous BPM software tools are already available in the Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and major organizations are adapting to it. Whereas, the small and medium sized enterprises are still toying with the idea of technology implementation.
Launched in 2008, Integral Interface Management Consultancy (IIMC) is an organization focusing on developing organizational processes and principles to improve the productivity and the customer satisfaction index. It actually works with organizations for undergoing a fundamental reorientation in the way they operate.  IIMC undertakes the turnkey project of an organizational transformation right after reviewing the organization, analyzing the findings. Then they start with the development processes or reengineer operation to optimize the business processes resulting in a higher productivity, an enriched employ motivation and enhanced customer satisfaction.
The Spearhead of IIMC
Shashi Nair is the Director at Integral Interface Management Consultancy, a management graduate with over seventeen years of professional working experience with MNCs and leading Indian corporations. The dominant experience and expertise in operations have prompted him to leverage his knowledge and expertise to growing organization which helped them to meet and triumph over the internal challenges. Having guided by numerous small businesses in the social circle during his professional life, Shashi gained the pulse of the market and about the requirement of BPM experts. He consistently updates his skills by reading and attending national seminars and workshops regularly.
Under his leadership, Shashi has handled multiple projects right from the inception to maturity of business operations with his expertise in marketing, business development and operations during his career in varied industries like services, publication, manufacturing and retail.
Instantaneous BPM Services of IIMC
IIMC carries abundance of experience in the real world and an expert panel of consultants with average market experience of over fifteen years which gives each client a perfectly tailor-made solution. This will also results in instantaneous visible improvement in the BPM services rendered to clients. The company provides BPM solutions mainly to SMEs in the area of business process reengineering, organizational restructuring, and process enhancement to meet quality standards, operational efficiency enrichment, and optimization of resource utilization. IIMC also provides consultant services to the organizations regarding business consolidation, business goal planning and human asset development.
IIMC analyzes the customer’s prevailing work process, structure and performance and helps to recognize the areas and processes that would require improvements. Then, the company implements the revised processes to achieve an instantaneous change in the efficiency and performance in the client’s output. This technique has resulted in the growth of the organization and also helped in enhancing services to the customers.
Befitting the Client’s with New Business Process Strategies
The emergence of Make in India initiative by the Government has created an opportunity for the IIMC to foresee the future. The initiative has been inspiring plenty of businesses to set up a base in the country, whereas increasing the need has built a competitive place in the market for quality service, efficiency in operation to maintain profit margins and also the need to motivate and inspire employees in order to retain them. This will create a great opportunity for the BPM services and solution companies in the upcoming years.
Recently IIMC has provided a game changing service that was rendered to one of the IT companies which was undergoing the entire BPM lifecycle of study, analysis, and design, implement and monitor business operation process. This was achieved with an in-depth study of the organization’s business, market base, future plans and analysis of human resources through competency mapping. They started with developing and re-arranging the business process in sales, service, operations, and then moved on to training and implementing the new strategies including performance management systems. Finally, they monitor the business process by fine-tuning wherever required to ensure optimized outputs.
Future Prospects
Currently, IIMC is working with multiple organizations for rendering varied solutions. They have been involved with a key project with one of the SME Company on restructure process, studying the impact and the level of improvement. This has created a mutual understanding between the company and consultant, migrating the same on a technology based process. The project is now in the second stage of analysis and implementation. Soon IIMC will study the impact, which they are sure it will be highly positive and will help to adopt the new-age technology.
IIMC is poised to place itself as one of the most preferred BPM consultants in the SME sector. While talking about the future advancement of the company, Shashi said “To achieve this vision, we are strengthening our team with more new gen associates & consultants. We are collaborating with technology solution providers in the BPM domain to offer next level of services to our current & future clientele.”
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