Quadwave: Delivering Quality Software Solutions for Complex Business Process Management Applications


(Dataflow, Workflow, Eventflow, Big-Data, Analytics, Mobile-flow Applications)
Digitization of data, dramatic cost reduction in storage and faster connectivity have increased the volume of transactions by leaps and bounds, in addition to providing the ability to store terabytes of historical and current data. With various IoT devices connected and cloud based services available, the landscape of BPM solutions has evolved to include transaction based workflows, large volume past history based data-flows and large volume current data-in-motion (event flows).
To connect these response scenarios, an expert IT services company named Quadwave Consulting, based in Bangalore is building premier iBPM systems. It focuses on rendering BPM consulting, product and application services with its direct presence in the USA, the UK, India and other different geographies through partners.
Today, the company has expanded their boundary horizon in order to include their BPM construction to abstract data flow and event flow, in addition to workflow. With their ability to build an ‘Orchestration Platform’, it can produce any application for Big Data, incorporating Data Analytics, Machine Learning and AI.
A Thoughtful Leader and Strategist Entrepreneur
Sanjay Koppikar is the Director and CEO at Quadwave Consulting Pvt. Ltd who is a published author and motivational speaker. At the tender age of 18, Sanjay has established various IT software companies catering small and large companies, enterprises and banks situated in different locations. His key responsibilities as a chief product thinker, he is carto-graphing the future of the products in consultation with their customer product company heads.
Sanjay has been specialized in designing and developing business technology strategies, innovation, software product ideation and management, and massive project management. His vision in this field is to translate the component and features list to ‘Product Modules’.
Transforming the iBPM Platform
With over ten years of BPM industry experience in this arena, Quadwave has architected several industry leading products through understanding what works for the market and experiencing where the market is heading. The company also has the ability to implement block chain in drag-drop mode with the support of its great team along with the mix of BPM product development expertise and product implementation in the Orchestration platform.
Quadwave has the capability to build any application in the Drag-Drop Mode such as complex and streaming data apps, big data apps, business process apps, responsive mobile apps, distributed apps with smart contracts on Blockchain. It helps BPM product companies to build their products in iBPMSs platform. Instead of being a single transaction workflow based BPM construction, its solution will gravitate to be an abstraction of any application flow. It is also working on providing software that can launch ICOs and create Back-Up commodity that can be tradeable on the platforms as like one can get cutting edge solutions. Currently, the company can integrate most of the existing systems without custom code through connectors available on the existing Enterprise Service Buses (ESBs).
AI Powered Travel Portal Benefitting the Clientele
Quadwave’s largest opportunity exists in the enterprise application space, where most of the needs can be met using drag-drop applications, connecting most of the existing applications like CRM systems, ERP systems, Accounting and Finance Systems with Close-To-Zero software coding needs. Recently, it has assisted six different iBPMSs companies to build their products which has become the world class products and has been positioned in the Gartner Quadrants or Forrester Reviews.
It eliminates the need of having a detailed technology expertise on customer side by reducing their costs. It is well-known as a software construction commodity where everything can be built using a drag-drop facility. In this context, even Blockchain based applications can be delivered at minimal reducing the risk, hype and cost for their customers.
The company has built an end-to-end AI-powered travel portal for a customer lately in a timeframe of less than twelve weeks. This includes building the portal, connecting to the major external search engines, building custom recommender module in Python and making it a reusable drag-drop component for future use. It has also delivered the solution with the latest technical elements, in a very short timeframe and in a cost-effective way which has turned out to be a game-changing service of the company.
Expanding the Partnership
Presently, Quadwave is working on one of the platforms with their expertise to be deep-integrated with Azure. This has allowed the company to be a specialized partner with Microsoft. It is also planning to have a unique offering on Azure in order to bring the strength of all the components and connectors of Azure and the ability to build any Azure enterprise application with zero coding in a very short time frame.
Source :-The 10 Most Prominent BPM Solution Providers to Watch in 2018

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