Centre for Fundraising: Revolutionizing the Way of Raising Funds

The lifeline of any organization is “sufficient funds,” which keeps the organization working towards its vision. So, to solve this perplexity of raising funds, “Centre for Fundraising (CFF)” has emerged as a pioneer in field of Resouce mobilization and communications for the NGOs. With its headquarters based at Noida and branch offices at Bengaluru, Chennai and Guwahati, CFF is working with eminent MNCs and Indian companies to help them select transparent and ethical NGOs to execute their CSR initiatives, thus acting as a bridge between the MNCs and NGOs for funds.
In 2013, Centre for Fundraising was initiated by Kunal Verma and Rashmi Verma with a vision to embolden the NGOs to explore fundraising opportunities in India and guide them through the path for a sustainable growth. CFF has achieved position of being Asia’s leading Management Consultancy, which offers a complete set of fundraising support starting from strategizing, planning, implementing, executing and evaluation. Diversifying the concept of fundraising Kunal Verma has been successful in categorising it into three verticals: Strategic Inputs, Fundraising Services and CSR & Assurances.
Being a Philanthropist
With a vision to fight injustice and create a more dignified world order, Kunal, Chairman and MD of CFF has been working for over 20 years to develop and broaden the concept of fundraising, to support the NGOs and Non-Profit bodies in raising funds with Marketing and Communication initiatives.
Fundraising for NGOs has its own unique challenges to tackle with. To overcome these challenges Kunal says:- “We work with exceptional organisations, and help them scale new heights with our fundraising consulting support.” He also adds “Our expert teams of consultants have worked with the biggest global charities, and thus have ability to have a macro level view from the best global practices, and at the same time we have a keen eye for details to create winning alliances with donors in line with local culture and practices.”
Being an eminent mentor and a team leader, Kunal has an in-depth understanding of the global fundraising practices which act as a master key for the market growth. Kunal’s ability to strategically plan and innovate according to the need has enabled him to lead the Advisory Board of numerous Global NGOs and Corporates.
Rashmi Verma, Chief Operating Officer at CFF, is a person of eminent personality and strong educational background. Rashmi has done her MBA and has a PG in Fundraising Management. She has a keen interest towards Women Empowerment, which has led her to support fundraising campaigns for “Women Rights.” Working with CFF, and emphasising on the solutions for organisations Rashmi says: “We offer extensive support for organisations, which wish to start raising funds for their causes, including hand holding and managing their entire services for a period till it becomes self-sustaining. During this period, we not only handle their  entire fundraising operations, but also the staff, so that the charity can carry on its initiative without any issues. This usually takes between three to five years. In case they still face any challenges, we would always be ready to offer them our expertise and guidance.”
Optimizing the Fundraising Process
Being versatile is the CFFs forte. It caters to whole sector, with NGOs of different sizes, starting from those who are being assisted with their market entry plans to the well established NGOs, who have been working for several decades.
With drastically declining foreign funding, many organizations are stumbling to operate smoothly. To continue the noble work NGOs are looking forward for an alternate solution, so this is the situation where CFF plays the role of a mentor for thses organizations. CFF works with NGOs to help them create and execute a vision where they are no more relying on Foreign funds to keep up their noble work.
Executing the Dream Work with Teamwork
Working with a team of very efficient consultants and dedicated fundraisers, with high quality back end staff, CFF has come a long way and has earned the respect of global charities working in India. With exceptional teamwork and experience, CFF has been successful in creating a clientele of 30 NGOs working in diverse fields such as; Healthcare, Women Empowerment, Water & Hygiene, Leprosy and Climate Change.
Mission with a Projectile Vision for Future
CFF has evolved in a great way by implementing various fund raising plans for its clients. Thinking out of the box, CFF has also established a state-of-the-art digital studio providing support for new age social media, films and web based communications.
CFF is working on setting up a school of fundraising, which would train and certify aspiring youngsters who wish to make a career in Fundraising. By April 2017 CFF will commence the Certificate course for its first batch of 30 students, who would be trained in theoretical as well as practical aspects of fundraising by slected faculty who have practical experience of raising funds as well as the industry experts from various international fundraising organizations. This six month course will be a unique blend of theoretical knowledge as well a mandatory on job training with very attractive internship allowances. All the students who successfully complete the course would have the choice of either working with various clients of CFF or join an NGO of their choice. After creating benchmarks in India and complementing to the huge demands for quality consulting services, CFF is ready to start its offices in China, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh within a year.

Source :- The 10 Fastest Growing Management and Strategy companies

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