Intellecap: A Pioneer in Development led Consulting

A business solution is a recipe of ideas used to help a company accomplish its objectives. It comes in terms of marketing, payroll, auditing, accounting, market research and analysis, among other essential business activities. Some significant solutions include technology evaluation, strategic planning and synthesis of complex business information. Businesses develop strategies that are action-oriented to magnify the international and domestic markets.
Businesses need to find and manage innovative property, identify opportunities for growth and leverage technology to serve the customers. Companies restructure their operations and implement changes within their management and operation structures in order to run business solutions efficiently. Through these efforts, the Intellecap is a pioneer in the development sector and the part of the Aavishkaar-Intellecap Group. Intellecap is primarily in the business of consulting, research and investment banking, provides best of the class business solutions that help build and scale profitable and sustainable enterprises devoted to social and environmental change.
About the Business Head
Nisha Dutt is the CEO, part of the Board of Intellecap Advisory and the Executive Council of the Intellecap Group.  She is an authoritative backbone for aligning Intellecap’s corporate strategy to productively implement the Intellecap Group’s mission. In Nisha’s leadership the company has widened to new geographies within India and Africa and  their presence in Asia Pacific and US has grown.
Inside Intellecap, she has assisted the group to elevate USD 600 Million of capital for entrepreneurs functioning on challenging problems sustaining through Seed, Scale. She has played a vital role in the foundation of a women entrepreneurship led initiative called Creditree that is an abridged access to finance for women entrepreneurs. Creditree is a part of the Goldman Sachs 10000 women initiative. The evolution of Creditree will open an innovative chapter in entrepreneurs and empowering women innovators.
Nisha has been influential in the prompt growth of consulting and research business of the company, and has grown into 600 employee strong company across three continents.Another prominent contribution of  Nisha is, in the forming of StartupWave in 2013 with reputed agencies like UKAID (DFID) and GIZ on living as anchor partners. She has won accolades from Harvard University and World Economic Forum and was highlighted on CNBC TV 18. So far Startup Wave has assisted more than  300 enterprises and facilitated them, and nurtured millions of dollars in funding.
Apart from these achievements, she has been engaged with 400 Social Enterprises connected with over 300 investors and 160 mentors. Also, more than 70 clients have been advised on inclusive business strategies in over 300 engagements across 25 countries.
Furthermore, she has helped with USD 12 million, which was provided in venture debt to over 40 growing businesses and over USD 200 million in equity raised from mounting businesses that impacted the poor working with donor agencies, partners and reputed corporate funders like the Rockefeller Foundation, United Nations,  Lemelson, IFC, Bosch, Unilever, USAID, UKAID, GIZ, Bill and Melinda Gates and Michael and Susan Dell Foundation to name a few.
Stratifying Plan and Delivering Services
Intellecap believes, successful management, empowerment and engagement of business activities with excellent result are very important. Intellecap provides a broad range of Consulting, Investment Banking Services and Research, to Multilateral Agencies, Development Finance Institutions, Social Enterprises, Corporations, Investors, Policy Makers and Donors.
Across Africa, Asia and Americas, Intellecap work with social entrepreneurs and start-up in the impact space which makes them one of the earliest players in this space.
About Intellecap, Nisha proudly says “We have not only entered new geographies, but have added more mettle to our investment banking, research and consulting businesses. My pride is in the fact that we have seen the gaps that exist in the lifecycle of an entrepreneur and have created new products to empower them.”
Intellecap’s spirit of innovation and ability to cater to the market based on deep conversation addresses specific solutions which provide various customers and attract new businesses.
Moving forward with Using Technology
Technology is going to play a primary role in solving problems. And it is also a preliminary concern of  Intellecap. Acknowledging this concern Nisha thinks, “By 2050, personal medical devices will evolve from clunky wearables to inject, and dashboard-based health apps will evolve to personal AI health workers we have daily conversations with. Over time, technology will replace over a million jobs in the developed world – with labour intensive, repetitive, and semi-skilled jobs disappearing first. Manufacturing will move out of factories and closer to consumers, and many of the jobs outsourced from the West, which fuelled the rise of India’s middle class such as software and BPO jobs will disappear. Soon enough, automation technology will trickle down to India as well, replacing unskilled and semi-skilled workers across manufacturing, infrastructure, retail, hospitality, and several other industries.”
In the aspect of things to come, one needs to gaze out for innovations and solutions that makes life more probable and ideas that will be at our doorstep. As an organisation, Intellecap are trying to throw their weight behind technology as that is the only way to break inequities.

Source :- The 10 Fastest Growing Management and Strategy companies

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