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Consulting is the practice of assisting organisations to advance their achievement, functioning principally through the exploration of present organisational complications and their expansion of plans for enlargement. Establishments may draw upon the amenities of management consultants for a number of reasons, containing acquisition external advice and access to the consultant’s specialized proficiency. With nourishing this technique of consulting, Genie Consultants are booming in the staffing and consulting sector.
Genie Consultant is one of the prominent Staffing and Training firms rapidly growing as a premier HR consultant in Chennai. They have been serving clients in different fields like Placement Services, Human Resource Services, Manpower Recruitment, and Staffing Solutions.
The winning superiority of Genie is directing on its mission – “Make right matches of skills and yields for a right balance of employer – employee gains towards optimized growth together”. With a track record of serving a huge number of esteemed clients, Genie consultant is devoted to providing quality services in various industries like HR, BFSI, Telecom and FMCG wherein they strive to understand each client’s individual requirement.
About the Successful Backbones of Genie
The expertise of the Board of Genie is in truly evaluating the constraint of the client and the proficiency of the Genie team in precisely sourcing candidates to make them as a role model in the consulting field. Genie understands the values of each client and for that they pledge by serving “Right Man, Right Place, Right Returns, and Right Rewards.”
Sekhar Srinivasan is a Director of Genie Consultants. He is also an Executive General Management Professional from the finest management school, Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore. The training and experiences he got from this esteemed institution, raised him to be an entrepreneur and now helps him tide over and adapt to the technology developments in the industry.
He is well attributed to the industry as a top Sales Professional in Concept Selling to Commodity Selling. Sekhar has well nurtured his managerial skills from the varied and exemplary exposures. During his service, he has experience of more than 12 years in various capacities up to a Vertical Head in the banking sector. He has also served in Telecom and FMCG market.
Srividhya Sekhar is also a Director of Genie Consultant and post graduate in Psychology from the prominent University of Madras. Besides being a Director, she is now a Research Scholar pursuing Doctorate in Effect of Tai Chi and Mindfulness- based cognitive therapy for conduct disorder among early adolescent boys from Tamilnadu Physical Education & Sports University, Chennai. She also holds a Certificate in Counseling Psychology from Madras University.
Srividhya’s academics are so pertinent for Human Resources industry that it benefits ameliorating young minds to progress right enough to face the challenges in the HR industry which requires a special skill set of handling other humans. She contributes to strengthening the basics of the business of Genie by supporting Soft Skill Development for employment seekers by nourishing organizational mission.
Superior Services with Unique Business Ideas
Genie believes to become a successful management, the importance of an organisation and abilities of driving systems should be planned to achieve business organisational goals in terms of market standing, value creation, business etiquette, business financial achievements, staff welfare, overall prosperity of all stakeholders and partners like vendors and associates, social responsibility and contribution to the growth of national economy.
Genie has found these measures fruitful and is in the course of upgrading it regularly to cope up with ever flaring advancements and techniques. The way Genie takes itself forward with a team of professionals is commendable.
Genie serves its specialty in management by developing the resources of experienced professionals, appealing in industry and technology interactions, modernizing in the latest developments in the field, continuous training and development of its team members in leadership, structured management information method and Enactment Analytics & Studies and appropriate remedial actions.
The team at Genie feels that every customer is very essential. They use, ‘Feasibility and Customer Appraisal method’ to give top priorities to their special clients with the ways of customer response, engaging experienced domain trained recruiters for specific critical mandates, and with constant interaction.
Future with Modern Strategy Implementation
Genie has an esteemed strategy to introduce a Mass Employability Platform with the differently designed portal “” which is marked at converging scattered and unutilized skilled resources in rural India under “Skill India” ingenuity and get many such youths of India proudly employed with the true employer. This edge will also help many growing industrial and corporate units to grow semi-skilled and skilled hands readily.
Genie has drawn up Development Plans to increase to 200 seat capacities in early Q1 of 2017 – 18 with 100 seat in Tamilnadu, 25 in Karnataka, 25 in Kerala, 25 in Telangana and 25 in Andhra Pradesh.  Genie has a client base of nearby 450 clients and is gearing up to meet the demands of the entire clientele.
Genie also has plans to cultivate training courses in fields relevant to the industries it serves in placement so as to propound its clients trained hands. Genie is operating to revive its Staffing Verticals which would be readily welcomed by many clients who would be relieved of huge staffing burden.

Source :- The 10 Fastest Growing Management and Strategy companies

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