Outgrow Consulting: Mastering Management & Strategy Consulting Services

Chronogically, the evolution of management and strategy consulting began towards the end of 18th century, coinciding with the industrial revolution. However, “Consulting” as a formal business took firm shape during the late 19th century, with biblical kings trusting their prophets and the Greeks their oracles for matters of prior consultation. With its roots deeply entrenched into ancient history, management & strategy consulting has tested & proven track record for being the primary catalyst for boosting of businesses.
Rendering Services with Dedication
Outgrow Consulting is a Management Consulting firm focusing on offering a wide array of knowledge & business solutions to SMEs. Founded by a team of professionals bearing rich experience gained from working with large MNC’s & FMCG’s at CxO levels, Outgrow prides itself for building responsible, enduring and result-oriented relationships that help their clients grow their businesses. Outgrow outshines with tailor-made solutions to induce synergy within different functions of businesses. Their services lend a competitive edge to their clients, boosting their organic as well as inorganic growth. Outgrow’s team of professionals is dedicated to offering the highest level of customer service while partnering with their clients to work as “ONE TEAM” for achieving the desired state of customer satisfaction.
Being a Trailblazer
Navin Ahuja, Founder & CEO of Outgrow Consulting is a person bearing sheer dedication and unprecedented vision. He is a CMA and attended the executive management program in Strategy & Value Creation at Goizueta Business School, Atlanta. Prior to establishing Outgrow Consulting, Navin played the corporate role of “Chief Operating  Officer” at HSBC’s finance back-office in Gurgaon. During his longish corporate stint, he also worked with some other well-known MNCs such as American Express, Coca Cola, DuPont and British Oxygen.
With a successful professional career of over 20 years backing him, Navin has come to be the backbone of his company, spending most of his time grooming young talent, meeting clients to understand their detailed requirements and enhancing the capabilities of his team to deliver top-notch consulting services.
Reforming Businesses
Outgrow Consulting’s service model is exclusively built on four work-streams, that of value consulting, HR & recruitment solutions, capital acquisition / loans re-structuring, and out-sourcing. Additionally, they also help organisations assess, implement and optimise relevant ERP solutions to meet their specific demands. Their servicing assignments do not end at publishing a solution paper and exiting on the client. Rather, they continue to engage themselves for further implementation of the solution, until it is driven towards its logical end for realizing tangible measurable benefits. They are dedicated towards making relevant contribution & impact until the desired turnaround has really happened. At Outgrow Consulting, they firmly believe that risks & challenges faced on the way need to be identified and resolved early on for faster achievement of desired results.
Determination for Achieving the Ultimate Goal
Perseverance and “right approach to customer service” have been the key reasons for the constant growth of Outgrow Consulting over the years. Their strategy of  “do it step-by-step, brick-by-brick” has been successful in building trust with their clientele. Their professional, methodical and scientific approach to things is taken very well by their clients. They strive to understand the specific needs of the clients and work towards suggesting various alternative solutions that help address specific needs. Diligent adherence to the maxim of “good service is good business” has empowered them to address the needs of their customers in the best possible manner.
Outshining with Innovative Ideas
Being a Management & Strategy Consulting firm, they strongly believe that successful leadership is all about creating a robust & financially successful business model that thrives on innovative solutions and fosters growth & development of its employees. Business development and continuous addition to customer base being the primal need of business, Outgrow’s team is committed towards meeting new people and attending different forums. This allows for opportunities to create larger awareness around their basket of offerings.
Transforming Challenges into Opportunities
The steady build up of client base has been their biggest achievement. Ever since inception, they have successfully delivered INR 700 million of sustainable saves, USD 250 million of funding solutions and helped recruit 300 + employees. The fresh ideas and passion of their bright & young employees act as potent weapons for affecting meaningful service delivery. Over the last 3 years, the existence of a larger market for their kind of services has been proven beyond doubt. This has provided them immense confidence in enhancing their servicing model that is complemented with the latest technology solutions. The future is mainly about making deeper market penetrations and enhancing presence across all major metros.

Source :- The 10 Fastest Growing Management and Strategy companies

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