Neusource India Limited: Counting for Success

Management strategies can lead to successful results only if their implementation receives just as much attention and supervision as their formulation. Implementation processes gain their firepower when they contain a systematic catalogue of strategic actions and illustrate the points and stages at which concrete changes may be necessary. On the company level, strategic plans and programs are often devised, which in-turn initiates a bunch of company-wide actions.
Neusource India limited is a reputed professional firm that is setting new service standards in a wide range of business support services, encompassing strategic planning, system development, assurance services as well as maintaining accounts & ensuring statutory compliances.
Neusource has been established as a renowned firm, which renders Investigation and Assurance, and Business Process Outsourcing Services. They have wide variety of auditing services to nourish business growth and improve the company’s financial efficiency, stability and accuracy of the client’s business.

The Backbone of Neusource

Jai Sethi is the Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Neusource India Limited. He completed Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Commerce from Deendayal Upadhyay Gorakhpur University and Delhi University. He has since devoted all years of his professional life to Neusource by contriving and executing strategies for the company and motivating employees to bring out the most impressive results.
In the company, Jai encompasses the primary core areas, which include Corporate Marketing, increasingly fusing and improving usage of Information technology in operational activities, Operations – Consulting & Assurance and Liaisoning with statutory authorities on behalf of clients.
Besides his work for the company, Jai speaks at several conferences and training programmes for corporate executives to encourage them to follow ideal business practices and grow their businesses further. He has been a guiding soul for his clients, and always available to support them.
His efforts and ability to comprehend clients’ exact requirements and being constantly committed to bringing about betterment make him stand out. Blessed with a hardworking and dedicated team, he makes best efforts to ensure the optimum delivery for the clients and fosters similar attitude and zeal among his employees too.

Services with Unique Ideas and Encouraging Future Strategy Plans

The entrepreneur is a person who is dedicated to an idea and who has the kind of drive required to make his or her dream a reality. However, entrepreneurship does not automatically endow a person with best management skills, and professionals at Neusource work towards enlightening company leaders about the best way to manage all aspects of running a business. They advice businesses on everything from their business strategies to operational techniques depending upon the needs of the company, be it a new player or a pro in the industry, and the broad objective remains empowering businesses to run more effectively by facilitating implementation of prevalent practices.
A lot of management advice that does rounds these days contains gaps and inconsistencies, and it’s real merit or ability to create positive outcomes in actuality is often questionable. Unlike some other consultancy companies, Neusource does not indulge in usage of fancy buzzwords or propagation of supposed ‘management fads’ without consideration of their actual executability or feasibility in relation to the concerned organizations. Not only do they devise plans for improvement after conducting careful analysis of existing organizational problems, they also offer complete support and guidance in the actual implementation of these solutions and train and enable the executives to actually create the desired results.
Neusource provides tested tools and strategies which assist in growth of business and help in elevating them towards the next level. They have step-wise growth plans for more than 130 areas of business for analyzing growth rate and prospects and fostering growth. Business Growth is not only sales, but more importantly, profits, value, focus and ease of running the business. Growth must be in all dimensions of business. Neusource believes in overall business growth, “The better you know your real enemies of business growth, the speedier you shall be in realizing your targets.” Over the time, Neusource have identified various common hindrances that slow down the business growth substantially and supports businesses to successfully defy these factors and attain a sustainable business growth.
They have a proficient Accounts Outsourcing Division, which is involved in the process of rendering Accounting and related services, for many reputed clients on pan India basis. Their sincere and dedicated workforce provides excellent services to the clients so as to attain maximum level of client satisfaction.
Backed by the support of their professionals, Neusource are able to accord excellent and comprehensive Assurance & Investigation services to their clients. Neusource guides in improving the accuracy, financial efficiency and stability of client’s business. They provide solutions related to internal auditing, statutory auditing, business auditing, tax auditing and pre- audit compilations. Moreover, these services are at the core of any financial management setup and ensure proper working of any organization as per the adequate internal control mechanisms.
Neusource offers a wide range of Corporate Services which are capable of meeting the diverse demands of the corporate sector. This service is also focused on improving the skills of corporate employees. This range of services is aimed specifically for large and well established corporates.
A complete 360 Degree Virtual Accounts office & Liaison Support furnished by Neusource are available for every individual and small business. Neusource serve a comprehensive range of compliance & consulting back office services that a conventional chartered accountancy firm or business consultant would have supported along with a lot more.
Jai believes that, “Marketing is not just about hunting for clients; rather it’s about farming your customer relations”. This approach to customer relations can extend beyond the sales cycle and be applied to business activities on other fronts also, including personalized marketing and promotions, budgeting and product development. It stands to reason that if you know your customers well enough, you can identify their needs and understand the ebbs and tides of their buying habits. You can segment your customers based on their specific needs and budgets, and prepare cost-effective promotions and offers to groups with similar requirements and schedules. You can plan your resources and even support product development with the information you’ve gained.
Neusource aims to render high quality, dedicated and result-oriented services to their clients and serve as a primary assistant and partner in all aspects of client’s business development. Achieving maximum client satisfaction is supreme motto of Team Neusource.

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