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Channel PR

In today’s age of collaborative marketing, the traditional media has become dynamic in the content marketing. The marketing segment has become more dynamic than ever and new ideas  in influencer relations and brand building is far more vibrant. With advent of online world and emergence of social media, people are trusting endorsements more than promotions. This entire scenario has enlarged the traditional marketing model by bringing the consumers in the process to gear up their ‘Magic Moment’ in every aspect of the digital world.
In today’s era of emerging need for PR, Channel PR is one such organization that provides supremely innovative public relations and communication strategies, which has developed a trending marketing architecture in this space. Channel PR is the prominent agency that is spearheading the PR field with its innovative approaches and has a firm belief on building credible work-relationships with the Indian Media at the core of its DNA enabling clients to boost their repute among its peers and industry at large.
Trio of Authentic Leadership
Channel PR is run by the three dynamic persons, out of which one is, Arnab Banerjee, who is working as the COO of the company. Arnab holds 15 years of rich experience in the field of media and has worked diligently with the renowned media organizations like The Times of India, Mail Today, The Indian Express, The Hindustan Times, and more. Having a deep understanding of the media environment as well as the journalism space, he has been writing immaculately on the varied issues such as business stories, culture, arts, cinema, and music. Arnab is also a renowned film critic and has reviewed numerous films over the BBC Radio channels and FM radio.
Vrinda Mathur, the Director (Operations) of Channel PR, is a media strategy expert who has dealt with the top names as well as the eminent brands such as Nokia, Xerox, Alcatel, Britannia Encyclopedia, Airtel, British Medical Journal, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, London Metropolitan University, Greenpeace Foundation, and more. Vrinda has core knowledge for the implementation and operations domain and has efficiently worked with diverse clients and portfolios which enable her with a very strong insight into developing the brands and role of influencer relations and their management. She understands the space of earned PR and thoroughly with fusion of available tools and creation of innovative tools co-creating successful and effective hybrid strategic and implementation modules.
The third of the trio is, Prasoon Ghosh, who works as the Director of Digital PR of the company and is spearheading their autonomous techno-creative division Channel Digital. Prasoon is a magnificent blend of a software engineer and a communication professional. He has worked with the country’s topmost communication consultancies before starting his journey with Channel PR. He holds an immense knowledge of various technology platforms that enhance the consumer experience and connects the brand with their audiences in the desired way.
A Cluster of Extraordinary Services
Channel PR is well-known for its impeccable service record for 10 years for delivering flawless service standards. The company has a core competency for Marketing 3.0 concept that helps its clients to amplify marketing and leveraging the elements of media advocacy and influencer relations coupled with the digital & social media marketing and engagement. It is a leading consultancy that provides innovative PR services to its clients in diverse areas such as advertising, marketing, media advocacy, promotion and activation, public affairs, crisis and more etc. Channel PR is offering value based strategy, planning, and execution strategies through its innovative channels.
The company has been unremittingly achieving the business objectives of its clients with its outstanding communication methodologies, Vrinda Mathur says, “We believe and always emphasize the role of environment scanning, perception mapping, research & analytics, and qualitative insights in a successful PR campaign. Channel PR has a deep knowledge of the market strategies with a strong appetite for ever evolving innovative strategic approach; we are at the center of PR innovations.” She smilingly adds, “While living our philosophy of value through innovation each day we continue to have a very strong editorial advocacy and media relations framework at the core of our DNA.”
Creating its Way through Opportunities
Currently, digital marketing is confronting immense challenges and opportunities. The segment of PR needs seamless integration with the online world which adds immense value to the client. Also, Marketing 3.0 is the trending concept which is a mix of cultural, spiritual, and collaborative marketing approaches. Channel PR is implementing this concept to deliver astonishing services to its customers, as it combines the varied services to provide a complete package of positive values.
While articulating the most satisfactory experience with their clients, Arnab Banerjee asserts, “There are many such cases where we have helped clients with the investment assistance as value addition. We continue to engage and support clients with brand building through vivid avenues and help them achieve over all business objectives. We are seen by our business partners as a complete value addition agency to the bottom lines rather than the firms that just run campaigns without understanding what lies underneath.
Future Prospect
With the 10 years of impeccable service track record in India, Channel PR is all set for client acquisitions as well as making global presence and in roads in foreign countries. PR sector is much hyped now and various PR agencies have nourished through years which has significantly contributed to enhance the environment. Channel PR is currently focusing on a National Geographic Channel film by creating a high grade edit content to highlight its client’s leadership in their business and industry. The company is looking to expand its footprints in USA, UK, South Africa, Germany as well as Mauritius through its partners in the coming years.
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