Elearnmarkets: A Spearhead in Providing Excellent Online Financial Education


The financial market is undergoing a low penetration which can be considered as a challenge as well as an opportunity for the stock market investors. Also, internet connectivity is becoming accessible, affordable, and efficient across the country which is assisting in increasing the financial market penetration. Due to these evolving trends, more and more people are seeking for learning and research support in the growing financial segment.
One such leading organization which assists people in becoming financially educated is the Elearnmarkets. The company was established with a solid vision of making Indians aware of the opportunities for creating wealth in Indian Equity Market by 2020. The company provides effective learning via Elearnmarkets.com and financial market analytics through its StockEdge Application.
The Vibrant Triad of Elearnmarkets
An MBA graduate, with ACS & ACA, Vivek Bajaj is the eminent Co-founder of Elearnmarkets who holds an extensive experience of more than a decade in the financial market as an analyst, trader, and trainer. Vivek has flawlessly handled various professional analytic tools and has successfully identified the power of data and right analytics. He is also taking high efforts to empower the ecosystem towards right learning and right analytics.
Vinay Pagaria, another key person in this triad, is the Co-founder of the company and completed DISA course from ICAI. He has a rich experience of over fifteen years in the domain of systems analysis, assurance, software design, and development. Being a chartered accountant with a perfect coding ability, he has created various platforms related to finance. He has a deep passion for mathematics and his core strength lies in understanding the data and converting it into decision making parameters with the implementation of latest technologies.
The third dynamic person in the triad is Vineet Patawari, the Co-founder and CEO of Elearnmarkets. Vineet is an MBA graduate & an ACA and possesses a strong passion for building digital products, and business ecosystem with a specific focus on creating a framework for innovative knowledge delivery in society. He has a core interest in blogging on recreational mathematics, digital marketing, traveling, and teaching.
Unique Platforms and Applications of the Company
Elearnmarkets (ELM) is an exclusive web and mobile app platform for learning and certification on various aspects of financial markets through practical orientation, gamification, moviefication, and interactive learning. The company accurately recognized that the lack of financial education among the people is hampering the economic growth of India and this scenario made Elearnmarkets spread financial literacy in multiple ways to make every Indian financially aware. This innovative platform seamlessly bridges the financial education gaps and intends to meet the lifetime needs of learning finance, tracking financial markets, and earning & managing money in a compact and modest manner.
StockEdge is the newer and interactive application to make effective research in the financial markets. It is a ‘Value-for-Money’ fintech tool that empowers the stock investors and traders for better decision making through Automated Analytics and Data Visualization. StockEdge is India’s fastest growing stock market tool with over 8, 00,000 downloads and highest ratings on play store. The application comprises of the excellent user interface and predefined powerful analytics which facilitates a stock market investor to perform his own research more efficiently.
Chasing the Goal of Client Satisfaction with its Advanced Approaches
Currently, Elearnmarkets has set its complete focus on the advancements of StockEdge application. It is a distinctive research and analytics platform. This unique application allows its users to perform fundamental, technical, and derivatives research in an interactive way to understand the framework.
While reviewing the StockEdge app, Bal Patil, Professor of Entrepreneurship, asserts “I have seen many innovations in my life because teaching entrepreneurship is my passion and my work. This innovation which I have seen in the last two years is going to be something like what Dhirubhai Ambani did to the stock market in that decade.” He also adds, “Many things that I did not know about stock market, I came to know because of the StockEdge. These young boys have done a wonderful job of collecting data and dissimilating it in a very simple form in the form of tool.”
The StockEdge application is running flawlessly with the top rating of 4.7 out of 5 which is the highest in the financial category of apps on the Google Play Store and the high demand for this app can be witnessed with its 15000+ happy reviewers.
Foreseeing a Glorious Future
On discussing the future prospects of the company, the triad says, “We wish to provide a world-class, easy to understand technology with high values and implement analysis on a mobile platform to all the participants by continuously adding tools and scans.” They also articulate, “Through StockEdge, we are trying to capture the massive lack of knowledge regarding the financial market concepts and this is helping us to be a forerunner in the industry.
Elearnmarkets is planning to impart practical learning experience to thousands of learners across the country and is further empowering with easy-to-use research inputs via StockEdge app. The company is also working on implementing the advanced technologies through which they will be disseminating knowledge, experience, powerful research, and useful data. It is also looking forward to make the best utilization of the technology for the betterment of financial education and to analyze the power of self-analysis in the stock markets.
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