Go Fish Entertainment: An Expert in Delivering Exceptional Services in the Entertainment Marketing Industry

Go Fish Entertainment

Today, crafting and creating a unique ‘brand’ in the market space is not only about advertising and publicizing but also focusing on the positive vibes of the brand. Hence, the brand should always be nurtured to deliver the most real expression as it creates a unique image which stands for the entire identity and the existence of the brand. Keeping a strong vision of creating a precise image of the brand and expanding its own spectrum of exceptional services is what Go Fish Entertainment is best at.
Go Fish Entertainment is the leading company in the entertainment marketing industry which is proficient in delivering services like celebrity management, entertainment marketing, sports marketing, media sales, and content creation & production. The company’s focus has always been on creating and reinforcing delightful experience for its clients as client-relationship and their satisfaction is at the core of Go Fish. The company works closely with the leading advertisers and celebrities depending on their varying requirements in this vibrant segment of the entertainment industry. Go Fish’s USP lies in creating value to every project and providing strategic solutions to its clients which has assisted the company to stand on the crest of the wave. Its clientele include the most renowned companies in various industry segments like Havells, Philips, Volvo, CEAT, Hero Cycles, Colgate, BMW, Tupperware, Airtel, Reebok, Dairy Milk, Mountain Dew,and many more.
A Cluster of Innovative Services
Go Fish is positioned as the foremost offline marketplace for the entertainment marketing. The company is adept in providing diverse services like product placement in feature films, co-branded association, content amplification, entertainment media planning, and buying, etc. It also provides e2e celebrity engagement solutions which embrace numerous activities like pre-planning, research and recommendations, execution, management, and handling financial settlements. The company also performs effective sports marketing which includes branding and sponsorships for various sporting events and creates brand awareness through it.
A Zealous and Compassionate Leader of Go Fish
A dedicated persona, who always competes with his previous achievements, is Sajay Moolankodan, the Co-founder & Director of Go Fish. He is a young media professional who has an extensive experience of over two decades in launching, building, and leading business. With his strong business acumen, Sajay started his entrepreneurial journey in 1998 and later on founded Go Fish in 2005 with two more business partners.
Under his leadership, Go Fish is counted among the leading agencies in the entertainment marketing domain. His best management skills have uplifted him to get the position of leader and made him captaining fairly large teams in the various companies along with diversifying in the technology-led innovative marketing. He keeps re-inventing himself in this fast-changing media landscape to avoid getting obsolete. It is this zeal in Sajay which helped him to build and grow his business.
Paving its Way Full of Challenges with an Encouraging Approach
The unpredictability of 2017 had raised doubts and had made us go slow on the future investments and newer businesses. But with this new financial year 2018, no doubt, it will shape our vision for the coming years”, says Sajay. The work culture of Go Fish is highly positive and influencing which takes every task as a new challenge and the team roll-up their sleeves to face any obstacles. The confident approach of Go Fish’s professionals creates a new window of reinventing themselves which turns it into the company’s favor. The volatile economy is a vital part of the advertising or media activities which has given the company a handful of opportunities to identify newer and cost-effective media platforms for their clients, assisting in opening newer business avenues.
Go Fish is the most trusted and innovative company in the industry which continually sets its eye on providing every entertainment marketing requirements under one roof. The company also believes that their deep understanding of the media entertainment space is the most critical ingredient which works for them and thus surpasses the client’s expectations.
Forecasting an Augmented Future
While enunciating the future of Go Fish, Sajay optimistically says, “We are fortunate to be constantly approached for the interesting projects. We are at the cusp of changing times and this phase is extremely favorable for our company. We are hoping to be able to make the best when the sun shines.”
Go Fish has signed on two major projects which would be rolled out in 2018-19. One of these projects is building a celebrity-driven platform which is to be launched in the early phase of 2019. Another astounding project that the company is working on is the development of an innovative marketing tech-platform which will prove to be beneficial for the marketers to convey their messages to their customers with an accurate platform. Go Fish is looking forward adding a lot of additional value to the projects irrespective of the market scenario and budgets.
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