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With the rapid advancement of technology, digital solutions space has shown an upsurge. Today, digital solutions are no longer optional and companies are embedding the ‘digitally mature’ concept into every facet of business to grow in today’s hyper-competitive market. Since 2009, Codelattice is the leading digital solutions provider that helps the enterprises to build, establish, and accelerate their business through its distinctive services like Conversation Commerce, Cloud Enablement, Blockchain, AI & NLP, Analytics & Insights, and Data Driven Marketing.
Codelattice is leading with its three-staged ‘Activate, Elevate, and Accelerate’ approach which let the customers immerse in an remarkable experience. Codelattice crafts the efficacious digital solutions which provide a unique platform for the businesses to interact with their customers in a better way and provide them with the experiences that keeps them engaging and satisfying The company is splendidly serving several Fortune 500 companies & advertising agencies across the globe.
A Determined and Credible Leader of the Company
Vijith Sivadasan, the Co-founder of Codelattice, is a dynamic entrepreneur with a solid business as well as leadership acumen. Vijith holds a profound knowledge of the consumer and technology landscape which has led the organization to the peak position. He encourages ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking and develops creativity among his professionals and assists them to emerge as the effective leaders. He is always focused on fueling his team members with trust and confidence to deliver the best performances in every task of the project.
Speaking on the paradigm shift the AI technology is undergoing, Vijith asserts, “Hype and interest are the factors which push AI in to most of the software products developed today. Even now, AI is altering the way we interact with personal gadgets. Soon, the AI technologies will be built-in every software product and service.
Groundbreaking Services and Solutions of Codelattice
Codelattice has launched an initiative to support the startups in 2014, by providing exclusive technology solutions. AladdinPro, Livelattice, and Reviewlattice, are the company’s most innovative solutions and apps in the industry. The company integrates the digital experience and flawlessly infuses it with the methods of engagement and entertainment.
AladdinPro is an efficient application that seamlessly tracks the document expiry and allows storing and managing the document renewals in one holistic dashboard. The app is hosted on AWS which ensures the incessant connectivity and access. The app’s security and competency has led to its rising popularity with more than 5000 registered users till now. Livelattice is a highly customizable, UX friendly, as well as NLP-based AI Conversation Commerce engine that includes integrated offerings with data visualization tools. This app seamlessly works with traditional conversation sources and augments the customer experience with personalization feature.
The other distinctive app of Codelattice is the Reviewlattice, which is composed of the cutting-edge NLP and data analytics algorithms that brilliantly correlate the customer expectations. Its intuitive dashboard allows division of the ratings and reviews with an option for periodic analysis and detailed insights. The company has launched a unique tactic to aggregate the reviews for more than 20K camping grounds in Europe in association with the Camping Navigator. Furthermore, Codelattice’s Reputation Management dashboard shares the feedbacks of the customers and is exclusively designed for the hotel & service industry. This dashboard is the groundbreaking solution to view the feedbacks and maintain the reputation of the organization.
Codelattice’s Robust Team Surpassing the Client’s Expectations
Codelattice’s expert technopreneurs handle every project with great intensity, be it the development of a mobile app or a complex AI enabled application. The team firmly concludes that each project brings in multiple learning opportunities with the prime upshots like increased speed-to-market, driving up incentives, and reduction in complexity, along with better pricing models, and increased admissions among many others.
While critiquing Codelattice, the CEO of Camping Navigator states, “For more than 30 years, Camping Navigator has been a leading publishing company on the Dutch campsite market. Our partnership with Codelattice is helping us deliver delightful experience to our customers by leveraging NLP, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. Codelattice is one-of-a-kind of the partner who best fits our vision and beliefs.”
Transforming Risks into Opportunities
Codelattice is the protuberant organization which follows a ‘5 Step Plan’ to bring more opportunities to its door.
Dilution of Brand Equity: A very first step in this plan concludes that a brand in the agency should never be afraid to catapult its services in favor of aligning to the client needs.
Talent Attraction:  Codelattice has raised its standard with its young employees and women at the top positions in the staff culture.
Loss of Nimbleness: The company has been able to test new capabilities in one agency before rolling out to others. Being smaller, it is easy to validate the assumptions and to implement them swiftly.
Conflict of Interest: Codelattice resolves the client concerns with its robust confidentiality framework and team insulation process.
Leverage Technology: Codelattice has enhanced its capabilities by upgrading the technology and has set up a mature process to offer full-fledged services.
Moving towards the Unwavering Future
In day-to-day life, our experience with AI might involve asking Siri to type a mail or place a call that can be termed as cool and convenient”, asserts Ashar, an AI expert of Codelattice. To achieve its finest level in the digital segment, Codelattice would continue to invest in unique products and to support the number of startups by providing a robust technical support. The company is also funding various innovative startups through its Angel Funding Arm-Venture Vault Innovations.
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