Investacc Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd: Assisting Businesses in De-risking the Unknown and Unforeseen Risks

Investacc Insurance Brokers

The relationships of socio-economic development and technology advancements have the potential to drive India beyond the traditional horizons of a startup ecosystem. This increasingly affordable technology along with the contribution of the government is booming the consultant startups with innovation. According to an independent report, the rapid increase in the number of businesses emerging over the last two years has positioned India as the third largest startup hub in the world.

Established in 2013, Investacc Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd is one of the leading insurance service providers dedicated to assist its customers with an adequate insurance program for their assets and liabilities. It is amongst the pioneering companies acting as a one-stop solution provider for a wide range of risk’s catering to B2B as well as B2C segment. The company takes pride in serving around 2.6 Lac policies annually with estimated year-over-year growth of twenty percent.
Over the years, it has been consistently designing Special Risk Program for emerging startups, SMEs & MSMEs. The company is managed by a strong management, with a blend of youth and experience, which is extremely futuristic in their approach and ensures delivery of real-time services. Investacc follows a sector-specific-approach by having dedicated teams catering to diversified sectors. It focuses on various lines of business like Assets, Liabilities, Aviation, Aerospace, Banks & Financial Institutions, Construction & Infrastructure, Leisure, Sports, Media & Entertainment, Manufacturing Sectors across all segments, Power & Energy etc.
Investacc believes customer satisfaction is the biggest achievement resulting from its sheer determination and prominent efforts. Within a short time span, the brand has created an ideal niche within the vibrant Indian market. From being a preferred broker amongst the top most insurance companies to rapidly growing client base, the company has outshined its competitors and unlocked the success doors.

Meet the Vibrant Leaders
Dhruvesh Lakhani (Director) and Hitesh Lakhani (Chairman & Director) – Investacc Co-Founders – are an expert duo who have set the foundation of the company with an aim to offer best-in-class service to their customers with due transparency and respect to the regulatory framework.
Hitesh possesses skills to work across various geographies and culture setting up strong relationship with customers, and various insurance professionals. “Relationships with our clients mean everything to us. Building trust and rapport are two key attributes of any successful partnership. Taking the time to get to know our clients personally and their business is the only way to ensure we understand what they want and protect them correctly,” says Hitesh.

On the other hand, Dhruvesh is an excellent planner and strategist with varied skills in team building, supervision and relationship management. “We strive to maintain our reputation as a top service provider as we believe that all clients deserve the highest standards. Our operations rely on a vibrant team of highly qualified and skilled personnel whose focus is to provide the professional advice with the highest level of service,” says Dhruvesh.
Promoter’s cumulative industry experience of more than 36 years and abilities to handle complex situations with utmost ease only add as an advantage for Investacc. Also, varied experiences in the field of Underwriting, Risk Management, Claims Management, Sales / Marketing & Team Management enables both the promoters to be within reach of their clients always. Addressing company’s principles, they say “Investacc believes in last mile delivery which is need of the hour. Insurance Intermediation is in highly competitive zone & customers would prefer only those consultants who strive hard to deliver in terms of pricing, ability to deliver in case of any unforeseen events & value additions in terms of underwriting & coverage.

Recognizing the Needs of the Clientele
“Winning clients trust is the key focus area for Investacc” 
Investacc offers wide-ranging services to its customers including Risk Management & Advisory, Claims Control & Preventive Services, Claims Rejection Review Services & Customized Insurance Packages with best negotiated premiums along with various innovative add-on services. The company consistently delivers unique value proposition to SME’s and startups. It simplifies the complexities of the products and documentation and ensures transparency about data and claims handling for most of these enterprises to make their startup story a one-of-its-kind success.

Apart from Placement & Risk Advisory Services, Investacc focuses on helping clients increase their productivity by using telematics platforms, attendance & reporting tools for human resource & various automated cost-efficient risk control mechanisms like Fire Balls (Auto Fire Protection) etc. Investacc’s helps is customers in buying best insurance coverage as well as enhance the overall value by providing best-in-class risk advice, claims handling & portfolio management services.

Investacc’s unique flat organizational reporting not only facilitates quick decision making but also enables them to deliver best solutions to its clients with seamless services taking client engagements to a new level. The company cherishes its lifelong commitment to deepen the self-awareness, explore, experiment and continuously improve potential to deliver exclusive services to its customers. Since inception, the company is on a mission to anticipate and meet relevant and emerging needs of its clients, aiming to develop a progressive impact on different traits of the people’s livelihood.

Emphasizing the company’s vision, its co-founders assert, “Investacc’s target is to build sustainably the finest and largest locally-owned, diversified insurance broking & services company in India. To use that strong market presence for the betterment of our clients, whilst demonstrating and earning a reputation for good ethics and a trusted service, which emanate from a workplace which is both enjoyable and career-enhancing.”

Investacc’s Core Values
For taking customer experience beyond the traditional horizons of insurance and consulting services the company takes pride in standing tall with its core values which include:

  • To establish Investacc Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd as the Market Leader in Quality and Value-priced Insurance Products.
  • Providing Insurance Broking services, in compliance with IRDAI rules and regulation by assessing the clients risk and requirements for various products like Fire, Engineering, Miscellaneous Policies, Motor, Retail-Mediclaim, Group Mediclaim, Marine, Marine hull and various other classes of insurance.
  • Placing the clients’ risk with capable Underwriter who stands beside client at the time of claim.
  • Commit to Highest Ethics and Professional standards in delivering Insurance Broking Services.

Embracing Innovation and Technology
Technology is the buzz word in insurance industry off late and Investacc believes that the way forward is pretty clear; to adopt technology in the way insurance intermediation is carried out in India. It is disrupting the consultancy market and there will be fewer administrative tasks as a result of technology development including Artificial Intelligence. Investacc is embracing and learning about technology change helping it to save time which can be devoted in developing risk advice proposition for its valued customers. Further, a lot of manual activities like emailing, filing, form filling etc. will literally perish in the long run & technology will become cost-efficient tool to service huge base of clientele.

A Tech-enabled Future
Surpassing the challenges and dismantling the complexities of the Indian market the promoters of the company assert, “Nevertheless the way forward in the market is to relentlessly focus on clients and to continuously develop skills and technologies to support clients even further. Also, with the help of technology we would like to bring insurance products to the vulnerable & less financially capable customers.” Investacc has set a goal for servicing one million policies annually by 2022.

With technology being the focus area for next few years, the company will strive hard to bank on strong client relationships, interpersonal skills of its highly efficient team & further enhance ever evolving specialist skills sets & insights for its customers & prospects. “The reasons to be optimistic about the future of insurance broking are based on the hypothesis that risk advice by professionals known as insurance brokers will continue tobe valued by businesses. Brokers may have to become more than insurance placement implementers as the future is around risk management and advice.” The promoters added further.
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