Consocia Advisory: Deriving an Integrated Approach in Delivering Services

Deepak Jolly | Founder & Director | Dr. Praveen Aggarwal | Co-Founder & Director | Consocia Advisory[REPUTATION MANAGEMENT]
Deepak Jolly | Founder & Director | Dr. Praveen Aggarwal | Co-Founder & Director | Consocia Advisory[REPUTATION MANAGEMENT]

Maharashtra as a business hub is enabling an exciting mix of opportunities for upcoming startups from various sectors as well as reputed multinational and Indian companies. The state has become the prime center of the business in the country and is on the path to be recognized as the financial capital. As the market forces are evolving at a swift pace, it has become very critical for businesses to stay current and relevant. Specifically for a progressive, new-age consultancy firm, it is very important to keep up with the pace and evolve with the dynamics of the current market along with accepting its realities.
On a similar notion, Consocia Advisory Pvt. Ltd. is a company paving its way in the industry by disrupting the process of how brand reputations are created and protected. Headquartered in New Delhi NCR, the company has a robust presence in Bangalore and Mumbai as well. Having a strong affiliate network in Mumbai, Consocia has a tremendous amount of advantages and opportunities for growth and welfare in Maharashtra. Consocia Advisory provides services across its three verticals or practice areas of Reputation Management, Public Affairs, CSR, and Sustainability. The company has a clientele including various start-ups and VCs, small and medium institutions, large enterprises (Indian), global organizations and firms from the development sector, NGOs and foundations, etc. The sectoral spread of the clients varies from the Food and Beverage sector, Venture Capitalists, Artificial Intelligence and IoT, Fin-Tech, Sports-Tech, Defence-Tech, Electronics and IT, Media, Development sector with Drugs and Pharmaceuticals. Within a limited timespan, Consocia Advisory has won several external validations.
Consocia is a league of its own. So really, we do not worry too much about competition,” states the team of Consocia Advisory. With a proprietary integrated approach, the firm combines strategies and solutions from the domain of reputation management, public affairs, CSR, and sustainability. All of this, in order to inculcate core building and social license strengthening according to the requirements of the clients.
A Class-Apart!
Consocia is highly efficient at identifying issues and preparing the clients well in advance, prevention crisis from uncertainties, and mitigation of the negative consequences to every possible extent. Also, the ability to create a confluence of earned, shared, paid and owned media across traditional engagement channels makes its campaigns wide-spread resulting in an amplified outreach. “We demonstrate value creation through measurement tools and analytics to help clients realize their business goals,” says the Consocia’s team. Another core differentiation that sets the firm apart is the Founders’ years of cumulative experience in CSR and sustainability landscape, which finds deep expressions in the company’s body of work.
The three Founders: Deepak Jolly, Dr. Praveen Aggarwal, and Dr. MVRL Murthy all are with decades of CxO-level experiences in large transnational firms and colleagues at Coca-Cola India. They had the foresight and the vision to sow the seeds of a progressive consultancy which aimed to be different from the current cohort of PR and Reputation Management advisory firms. Deepak is an institution of knowledge, resources, networks and is consistently acknowledged as among the top 10 Public Affairs, Communications, Sales and Marketing leaders across the world. He is a distinguished personality with a professional career spanning for more than 32 years spread across top Multinational Companies including Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Bharti Airtel, and Unilever.
Praveen is recognized as a doyen of the industry in areas of CSR, Sustainability and Corporate Crisis Mitigation with a career spanning over 30 years in managing overall businesses. These business verticals include Corporate & Public Affairs, Corporate Social Responsibility in leading MNCs, Indian Companies, and Foundations across India and southwest Asia.
Concentrated Efforts
Our Research and knowledge insights play a pivotal role in complementing the project management team,” asserts Deepak. The Research and Knowledge Insights team of Consocia develops in-house research data and information for purposes of spanning data analysis, information gathering and background intelligence to enable informed business development support and robust decision making in projects. Within Public Advocacy, research helps in mining data and information to support a case in point and create intensity around advocacy of a clients’ project. In CSR & sustainability, data mining for effective targeting in cause-based projects is undertaken by research. Under Reputation Management, research and insights help in background intelligence and information screening for a deep understanding of the client’s requirements above and beyond the scope, along with identifying additional areas of support within the mandate.
We have also contributed towards digitization of India through a campaign which was specifically aimed at promoting inclusive growth as a part of the Government’s ‘Digital India’ program. It was extremely well-received by all stakeholders,” Praveen expresses. The company takes pride in staying focused on providing an omnipresent approach in terms of building, protecting, and enhancing the reputation of organizations, which differentiates it from the competition in the industry.

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