ASPM Consulting: Spearheading ISO Consultancy in a Dynamic Way

Mandar Pandit | founder | ASPM Consulting[consulting services ]
Mandar Pandit | founder | ASPM Consulting[consulting services ]

This edition of Insights Success presents its readers with the incredible story of ASPM Consulting portraying its journey through the consulting services space.

  1. Brief us about the journey of your company– origin, inception, early issues, success stories, and major milestones, to name a few.

Ans: ASPM Consulting started as a proprietary company in 2014. ASPM Consulting had been hired as a consultant by Computrics, Arshiya Logistics, EWAC and Tata Housing as some of its first customers in the inception stage apart from L & T CTEA. Creating a space in the already cramped consulting domain was a big challenge besides the economic slowdown that has been looming large for major part of this decade. ASPM Consulting chose the strategy of differentiation to make an impact in the market place and chose to start with ISO Consulting as the entry-level strategy. The current version of ISO Standards(2015) also facilitated our growth as the standards themselves demand discipline-specific culture and discipline-specific strategic management implementation along with a sustainable approach. Strategic Risk identification & management and opportunity identification & capitalization are the forte of ASPM Consulting. These are inherent requirements of the 2015 version of standards.
There is a misconception about ISO consulting and that misconception is, It is only documentation that drives the ISO consulting part. Focused on making a sustainable quality culture coupled with strategic management implementation was the path chosen by ASPM Consulting. We have always focused on all-round growth of the organization and have been using ISO implementation as a tool. The introduction of the 2015 version of standards has been a blessing for our kind of consulting. Since then we have enjoyed the patronage of reputed clients like L & T – PGM, L & T GSSM, CDSL, PI Industries, Technova, Saigal Sea Trade.
ASPM Consulting was converted to OPC Private Limited in 2016. We started with the vision of “Being amongst one of the best consulting companies in India and abroad by 2019”. Our mission was “Survive, sustain, excel and prosper” which is in line with any business in any ecosystem and that is the pain for every organization. Part of our vision was recognized when we were identified as “Top 10 most promising ISO Consultants in India” by Silicon India in their annual listing

  1. Brief us about the CEO/Founder of your company.

Ans: Mandar Pandit is the founder of ASPM Consulting. He has 25 years of industrial experience. His qualifications include Diploma in Chemical, Bachelor in Industrial Engineering and are pursuing ICWA. He is a lead auditor for ISO 9K,14K, 45K & OHSAS 18K besides being a master black belt in Six sigma. He has had hands-on experience in chemical, Petrochemical, glass, construction and mechanical equipment manufacturing industry sectors apart from financial services. He has been exposed to multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional management cultures by virtue of his experience ranging from working in family-oriented to multinational fortune 500 organizations. Working simultaneously on the various projects is his strength.

  1. Kindly talk about the exclusive products or services offered by your company. How does it distinguish you from your competitors?

Ans: As explained earlier we are currently focused more on ISO consultancy. However, we add the strategic management perspective and use a commonsensical approach to ensure the sustainability of the initiative for the client organization. Our “ASPM Pyramid” methodology that we use for project management ensures that we can run many projects simultaneously. We have very recently started “Financial Consulting” as a service offering, especially for the MSME sector.
We have identified that the MSME sector has a dearth of good consultants who can advise with a financial perspective. And most of the MSME’s struggle because of this aspect. Our strong operations consulting background coupled with financial management can support many MSMEs in achieving their vision.

  1. What is the vision and mission of your company?

Ans: Our vision earlier was to be amongst the “Top consultants in India and Abroad” which has partly been realized. We have reoriented our vision to “4 by 2024” besides being an internationally recognized consulting company. Our mission still is “Survive, sustain, prosper and excel” and this has been coupled with financial goals and that is where 4 by 24 comes in to picture.

  1. What kind of challenges has the company faced industry-wise?

Ans: The main challenge has been the management of working capital apart from getting resources of the right quality.

  1. How have technological advancements and innovation in the industry affected your business?

Ans: Consulting space has mainly been traditional until now. We are planning on creating some technological breakthrough improvements. However, there is limited effort being put in that direction due to restrictions on working capital and quality resources. We are also looking out for angel investors but that will take some time to work out.

  1. What are the consulting strategies adopted by the company and who are its primary target customers?

Ans: As explained earlier we are focused on creating differentiation. We follow ethical practices and expect our clients also conduct their business ethically. We are selective about clients from this perspective.

  1. How do you portray the future of your company in the next decade?

Ans: We envisage to be amongst the best consulting company in India and Abroad.

  1. How ‘Maharashtra State’ as a business demographic has affected your daily operations?

Ans: For various reasons Maharashtra state’s business demography has been undergoing a lot of change. And many industries are shifting towards other states. Maharashtra which was a manufacturing hub earlier has become a service hub and this transition has had its own effects. So we are also shifting our focus on creating service offerings in that direction and financial consulting is one such step.

  1. As a Start-up, What do you think is required for growth particularly in your industry.

Ans: As mentioned earlier, working capital and good quality resources are very important. Techno-commercial managerial capabilities are a must.

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