Engage People: Enabling the Confluence of Finest Talent and Best Workplaces

Jayesh Unarkat | Founder & Director | Arti Thakkar | Founder & Director | Engage People Corporate Solutions
Jayesh Unarkat | Founder & Director | Arti Thakkar | Founder & Director | Engage People Corporate Solutions

How to search for a perfect candidate? This is one of the most important questions for any organization. Every organisation has a different approach to hiring a perfect candidate. No matter what kind of business you run, it is the principal factor to have quality resources to help your company run seamlessly and outshine the competition. But very few companies define what they are exactly looking for when it comes to hiring the ideal candidate.
HR management companies help organizations resolve this complex situation through various means namely – recruitment, staffing, corporate training, employee engagement and much more so that the organizations can create a brand name. Incorporating all of the above, through their innovative approach is one such upcoming HR firm –  Engage People Corporate Solutions Pvt. Ltd a professional firm that assists in meeting the recruitment objectives through increased process efficiency helping businesses to take faster and better decisions. The following excerpt engages in the aspects of the influencing leaders and an inspiring journey of the firm.
Engage People Corporate’s Services
Established in 2015 and headquartered in Andheri, Mumbai, Engage People is a leading provider of Talent Acquisition and Manpower Outsourcing solutions. The company has a breadth of experience across the following industries and it’s talent acquisition teams are organized into sharply focused areas of expertise in the following sub-sectors of India:
Banking and Finance sectors
The leadership team has several decades of collective experience in working for global services. It aims to provide efficient, simple and cost-effective strategic solutions to businesses in varied areas.
How do they go about it? The team of well qualified and experienced recruiters carries out a quick profile assessment, before asking the candidate for a brief meeting. The team examines the candidate on various parameters besides emphasizing on checking their interests and cultural fitment at the clients’ end. This helps in presenting only limited, genuine, and efficient candidates to the client giving almost 100% turn-ups and selection.
Accomplished and Well Recognised Entrepreneurs
Mr. Jayesh Unarkat, is the Founder and Director of Engage People Corporate Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He has seventeen years of experience in client servicing, staffing, recruitment, operations, training, business development, having worked with some of the big key names in the HR Industry. Moreover Miss. Kavita, and Miss. Arti Thakkar, are the other two Founders & Directors who hold equivalent capability. They are professed in HR, sales, post-sales, operations, and administration having worked with MNC’s in varied industries.
Journey Over the Years
Surviving a series of roadblocks when some clients and members parted ways, the team’s unrelenting and firm compassion slowly, and gradually improved the situation. It hit a successful relationship and partnered with some big names in every industry. Online food ordering aggregators have become the top clientele of the firm.
The HR industry has been receiving a lot of updates from the Government off late, However as the phrase says, there are always two sides of a coin, though these changes are for enhancing the policies, but they do create a lot of ambiguities and grey areas which results delayed submissions or non-compliance.
Being headquartered in Mumbai, the financial capital of the country has helped the company to approach some of the biggest corporates. The state’s increased focus on improving infrastructure, education, and other related allied industries, is supporting the firm in attracting the best corporates and talents in the country.
The leaders believe, “Start-ups in HR industry, namely the staffing firms, need to have strong fundamental business principles and ethics to sustain in the industry. Many start-up firms in-order to gain additional revenue, compromise on compliance rules and regulations, which results in losing the clients trust in engaging a start-up staffing organisation, besides bringing disrepute for the staffing industry.” 
Leadership is always been the spine of the firm which manages a team, making sound decisions, inspiring and influencing people and making the organization reach greater heights. Engage People is one of these firms who has developed best, efficient services and made it a dream vision.

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