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Bhumesh Verma , Managing Partner, Corp Comm Legal | Insight Success | Business Magazine in India

A dynamic economy and commercial environment in India are keeping the corporates on their toes. They must be adaptive to the changing laws which are influenced by various Governmental, economic and competitive needs. As such, they need a law firm that understands their business needs and provides legal advisory that is relevant, solution-driven and value for money. Focusing on these needs of domestic and international corporates is Corp Comm Legal. It provides legal advice inter alia on M&A, Joint Ventures, Technology Transfers, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Commercial Litigation, IPR registration and protection, compliances, due diligence and more.
Treading a Different Path
While there is no dearth of corporate law firms, what sets Corp Comm Legal apart is the assurance that it offers to clients. The clients who ask for its services are assured of the timing, quality and pricing of the services. Each one of these three elements is very necessary and has to work in tandem. Even if one is missing, the other two are of no use. Corp Comm Legal offers virtually all legal services which big law firms provide – however, at a fraction of the cost associated with the big firms. Clients get to actually work with the professionals they want to work with and don’t have to pay the price for the brand name, old age of the firm, marketing costs, etc.
But being different is never easy and comes with challenges. A firm like Corp Comm often has to compromise in terms of manpower as Big firms have the clout, financial resources and may indulge in predatory pricing to capture most of the big business. But in a booming economy like India, there is space for all sizes of organisations. This works for law firms as well and many boutique law firms are doing very well.
To counter these challenges, Corp Comm is engaging with other small and midsize firms within India and globally for better coordination and level playing field. Global Business Lawyers’ League has been its first endeavor in this regard and it is trying to replicate the same model in India too.
An Experienced Learner
Corp Comm Founder Bhumesh Verma likes to describe himself as “A law student with some experience- 25 years to be precise.” A corporate lawyer of International repute, Bhumesh has had the privilege of working with some of the best law firms for about 23 years. 2 years back, he took a leap of faith and started Corp Comm Legal with an idea to provide world class services with a more personal approach.
He has mostly been associated with corporate and commercial transactions involving clients from different countries providing him an opportunity to work with the world’s best lawyers and other professionals and also cultivate his business development skills. His global network encompasses a large number of MNCs and foreign lawyers which came handy when he decided to venture out on his own.
For Matters Close to the Heart
Apart from running the law firm, Bhumesh is deeply involved in writing and teaching as he believes that it is important to share one’s learning. He says, “I am passionate about sharing my experiences and expertise with the fraternity. Writing and teaching provide me with the avenues to channelize my thoughts – so far it has resulted in 3 books and 350 plus articles on various platforms. I’ve also conducted workshops/seminars on various topics and have trained thousands of students and professionals.”
He has been approached by institutions of great repute and publishers. He is also a guest faculty with leading law institutes. Conveying his insights to future lawyers by way of practical training in different aspects gives him immense pleasure and pride and a sense of being useful to the society.
Advising the Start-ups
Bhumesh believes that the Indian economy is one of the most happening and growing economies in the world with too much-untapped potential for economic growth. However, from a legal perspective, start-ups and entrepreneurs must be very careful about stressing on compliance from day one. In the garb of informality, there should be no scope for laxity. He suggests, “We have seen so many start-ups faltering in this aspect and entrepreneurs fighting among themselves if due care hasn’t been taken in the initial stage regarding watertight contractual relations, affixing rights and liabilities or taking care of statutory compliances.”
Defining Future
Corp Comm Legal is very optimistic about the future. With so much FDI, industrialization in India and international trade picking up, it expects stupendous amount of business flows in near future. It is also strengthening its local and global networks to be more effective to tap business. It believes that its efforts should start fetching visible results in the not-too-distant future.

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