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Nilesh Kuvadia | Founder Director | ITCG Solutions | Best business magazine in India
Nilesh Kuvadia | Founder Director | ITCG Solutions

With increasing dependency on technology, companies today need genuine software and networking solutions that help them cater to the business requirements. Recognizing the opportunity of servicing such companies early on, Mr Nilesh Kuvadia, established his company in 1994 as IT Consultancy Group (ITCG) and thereafter converted it into a private limited company in the year 2010. Today, ITCG Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  is an inescapable name as a Licensed Software provider to its customers. Currently, it is a Gold Certified Partner for Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, Autodesk. It is also the Authorized partners for many such licensed software companies like Corel, Symantec, Trend Micro, Retrospect, Veeam, VMware, eScan, McAfee, Sophos, Accops. Apart from that, it is sub-distributor for SonicWall, Sophos, NComputing, QNAP, Plantronics for the Gujarat and Maharashtra region. It also provides Facility Management Services to various companies that cater to management of complete IT Infrastructure in that company.
A Visionary Founder:
Founder Nilesh Kuvadia, with his vision towards upliftment, not only expanded the presence of the company to Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot & Pune apart from Vadodara, but also added several new products. This kept the company at par with the industry and also to cater to the ever-changing requirement of the customers thereby providing the right solutions that suit the goals of the customers. His contributions, along with his team’s, have won more than 50 Awards in the past decade combined with the fact that ITCG crossed 50 Crore revenue mark in the year 2018-19.
Distinct Products and Services
The distinct products like Trend Micro, Veeam, VMware, Sophos & SonicWall along with the support services around these products differentiates ITCG from its competitors. Currently, it is one of the top 3 companies in Gujarat with the kind of product & services combination that it carries. Focus on specialization for some of its key products has helped it carve a name for itself.
ITCG’s impeccable work makes it a preferred partner for its client as they get benefited in many ways as undermentioned:

  • ITCG’s approach is professional and solution based.
  • An in-house technical team of more than 25 professionals in various fields ensure proper deployment of products purchased from ITCG.
  • A large portfolio of products to cater to most of the needs of the customer.
  • The prices are reasonable, and service is of great quality ensuring Customer Delight.
  • While purchasing the Licensed software, the company ensures that the legality is properly maintained for the products they supplied.

Contributing to a Dynamic Industry
Nilesh believes that the Networking & Security is a huge industry that has a very bright future. He emphasizes that today it is very difficult to find a company that neither has a network nor has a security requirement. As such, currently, the biggest challenge in the industry is cyber Security due to phenomenal growth in the usage of social media. With the massive advancements in the industry, cybersecurity, as well as network security, are of prime importance. Hence there are a lot of opportunities in the security space and at the same time, new challenges also evolve as very few professionals are available to cater to this increasing need.
The industry is also witnessing a rise in the number for startups. To these budding startups, Nilesh says, “We would encourage these Start ups to take maximum advantage of various startup schemes declared by the Government of India. The market is huge and there is a lot of space for all. If the product is unique and innovative, that solves any pain point, it will run. So they are most welcome to this vibrant industry.”
Taking Care of Employees
ITCG treats its employees as its biggest asset. It would not have been what it is, without its employees as no company can succeed without good employees. There are a lot of employees who are with the company for more than a decade. The measures to keep them motivated are as follows.

  • Incentive schemes for sales & services as well as specific product promotion.
  • Annual get-together event that is full of fun and entertainment.
  • Sending them to international trips based on certain credentials and services extended.
  • Open environment that makes the employee feel comfortable to work.
  • Transparency in approach. Salesperson know company’s exact product purchase price. Purchase department is free to get material from the best distributors they feel like.
  • Surprise gifts for star performers (whether sales or technical)

Creating an Image and Taking it Further
ITCG has been standing tall for over two decades now. The company believes that certain key attributes have kept them afloat like:

  • Focus on customer delight and retention
  • Demanding of Advance payments /Timely clearance of outstanding payments
  • Incentive schemes for salespersons for specific products.
  • Detailed reports from its SAP that gives pointers on the profitability as well as trends of the products its sells – Salesman wise, Location wise and Product wise.

As a future move, Nilesh and his team at ITCG plan to extend the services to more countries that would, in turn, give exposure to International market to its employees.

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