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Murtuja Bharmal | Co-founder and Director | Payatu Software Labs
Murtuja Bharmal | Co-founder and Director | Payatu Software Labs

The connectivity of the world over the internet has given rise to many opportunities. It has truly unified the globe in a virtual world, where hopes, ideas, problems, and solutions are exchanged in a jiffy and transcend beyond borders. However, this virtual world too is susceptible to threats. Cybercrime is becoming increasingly rampant. The onus lies on cybersecurity professionals who have to remain a step ahead of intellectuals who are waiting to exploit the loopholes of the virtual world. Driven by research, Payatu Software Labs, a cybersecurity company, has established itself as a pioneer in establishing a state-of-art fuzz testing and IoT lab. The company is passionate about providing solutions to whatever cybersecurity issues might arise in the future through top-notch security assessment services, training, and conferences.
Secure Services
Payatu is a boutique security testing and services organization specialized in Products, Application, and Infrastructure security assessments and deep technical security training. It is the only company in India that offers full IoT eco-system security assessment, including Hardware, Cloud, Web, and Mobile interface. Payatu’s Service Offerings include:

  • Quality and Professional IT Security Consulting
  • Advanced IT Security Training
  • Organizers of two world-renowned cybersecurity conference

Services also include IoT Security Testing, Product Security Assessment, Web and Mobile Application Security Testing and Infrastructure Security Testing.
Payatu’s Products include:
Cloudfuzz – A platform that tests code for bugs by running software with millions of test cases – a technique called Fuzzing. It is an intelligent, self-sufficient, and scalable system that only needs to be configured once. It helps generate reports for bugs encountered while Fuzzing.
ExplIoT – A framework designed for security testing of IoT infrastructure and products. Its primary purpose is to automate security test cases and ease the learning curve for various attacks by providing a convenient user interface and hardware accessories.
Meet the Mind
Murtuja Bharmal is the Co-founder and Director at Payatu Software Labs. An application and network security enthusiast, he has more than 15 years of experience in offensive and defensive security. He is also the Co-founder of Null – the open security community; Nullcon – international security conference; and security conference.
Murtuja has worked with several financial organizations in India, Middle East, South East Asia, and Europe in personal and professional capacities. Previously employed with IBM, he worked on IBM-ISS (Internet Security System) product as Senior System Engineer.
Advantage Payatu
Team Payatu consists of a bunch of highly passionate and talented people, who work extremely hard to provide the best services. The team is always put at the front so that they can understand the industry and business dynamics. They’re always encouraged to experiment with new ideas, and take entire responsibility and accountability.
Payatu’s highly skilled and experienced professionals take care of all of the client’s cybersecurity risks and manage them proactively. The team diligently handles all the objectives of its clients, enabling a transparent delivery and execution of services. Moreover, to stay ahead, Payatu emphasizes on attributes such as:

    1. Organization security awareness
      Through communities like Nullcon and, the company gets to interact with professionals across multiple industries. It helps create awareness about new security challenges among people and organizations and makes it capable of dealing with those challenges.
    2. Acquiring new customers
      The security industry throws a curveball in the form of acquiring new customers without any credibility. Payatu establishes its credibility by publishing the latest research, blogs, and white papers. It also delivers talks and training in its renowned security conferences, which spreads awareness about its services among potential customers.

An Industry that Promises Growth
On the current industry trend, Murtuja feels that with growing digital connections, company’s interaction and management skills with the environment have improved. Nevertheless, with the growing number of connections, it now faces the challenge of securing those connections. Payatu is one of the primary organizations to convert connections into clients. On top of cybersecurity, AI and machine learning/ML are expected to witness a massive growth spurt. Payatu is looking forward to implementing security for such services and products.
Obvious to the new players in the market, Murtuja says, “My only advice would be that with the growing cybersecurity threats in the world, the target for adequate security compliance with a proactive approach towards cybersecurity. Good cybersecurity practice and assurance could be one of the key USP for your product and service offerings.”
In the Pipeline
Payatu aims to be a world-leading organization in the cybersecurity industry. It is looking forward to transforming diligent individuals into world-class professionals by providing the best exposure to the industry and community from across the world and build high performing teams. The company wants to be recognized for its research, development, competence, and contributions with excellent credentials and maintain high standards of work ethics.

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