Debojit Bhattacharya- Decoding a Journey Towards the Limelight

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Debojit Bhattacharya

Every individual works towards seeking the limelight in one way or another, one of the most prominent paths chosen being modeling. The dedication and determination required to rise to the pinnacle is a challenge in itself, which only few can get through. In an Interview with Insights Success, Debojit Bhattacharya – Rubaru Mr.India 2017 winner of Mr. Grand International, speaks about his journey, challenges, perks and more.
1: Could you give us an overview of your journey in the fashion/ modelling industry?
A: Well, I really enjoyed my journey in the fashion industry. Though there were many ups and downs but yes it was really very amazing. I look back from where I come from and I’m really proud of what I have achieved and I also believe there are many more achievements to come in the future.
2: How do you intend to encourage participation in pageants?
A: Well, pageants really give us a platform to showcase our talent. Perhaps participating in a pageant is a great way to come into the limelight. So, anyone who wants to come into the limelight, I would strongly recommend him/her to participate in a good pageant from where they can start their journey towards the fashion industry.
3: Could you tell us more about yourself and your inspiration throughout this journey?
A: I come from a very small town so it was very difficult for me to travel to Guwahati city to persuade modeling. I had to travel every weekend to Guwahati to attend modeling/grooming classes. Simultaneously I also couldn’t effort to miss my college classes. I believed where there is a will, there is a way. This is how I made my entrance into the fashion world and the rest is history.
4: Kindly give us a glimpse into what it takes to be a part of a global competition such as Mr.India Grand International?
A: I participated in Rubaru Mr. India 2017 contest where I won the title of Mr. Grand International. It was a tough competition because all the participants belonging from the rest of India were equally good and challenging. My determination got me the title and then I got a chance to represent India in the world title held in the Philippines.
5: How do you manage to combine freelance modelling with other career prospects?
A: Well, I think it’s not a very tough job. If you believe in yourself and you think it is important, you will always find time for it. For me, time is very important and I manage it very tactfully. Henceforth I could manage several things at the same time. One has to be a multi-tasker, and versatile indeed.
6: Please to tell us 5 interesting facts about yourself.
A: a) I’m always into fitness, doesn’t matter where I am or how busy I am.

  1. b) I hardly get bored, no matter even if you put me alone for a long time.
  2. c) Once a year I travel somewhere else have never been before. Somewhere very far.
  3. d) I can make people laugh out loud.
  4. e) I can easily be friends with anyone.

7: What are the challenges did you face in the fashion and modelling?
A: There were many challenges. I accepted those challenges positively and it helped me to grow in life. Challenges make us stronger. We should understand the fact that the harder the challenge, the more level up we go in life.
8: What do you believe lies in the future of the fashion/ modelling industry?
A: There are many opportunities in the fashion/modeling industry. One has to be fit, hardworking and have visions. We have many examples of models who have made it bigger and better. We should follow them and yes please never ever give up.
9: What is and who is Debojit in personal apart from ramp apart from camera?
A: I’m a very simple and fun-loving person. You can always see me having fun with my friends. I’m very down to earth and I enjoy sharing laughter. I’m very humble, always chasing greatness and yes every time the hardest worker in the room.
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