Shrikant Randhave Photography – An Interview with Creativity Personified

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The art of photography requires a lot of talent, patience as well as immense efforts to get the right shot. One individual whose passion took him on this path is Shrikant Randhave of Shrikant Randhave Photography. He is skilled not only in fashion photography but wildlife, pre-wedding, nature, ramp walk and many more sub categories of the art. In an interview with Insights Success, Shrikant sheds light on his journey so far and shares his opinions about the industry.

  1. Could you give us an overview of your journey in the fashion/photo-shoot industry?

I have been into photography since my school time, where I operated a roll camera (no digital display) as well. Now I am having a mirror-less camera. Along with engineering I was doing photography and earning enough. So I started my firm by the name “Shrikant Randhave Photography”. My main forte is in Portraits. Off late I also handle Fashion, Industrial, Weddings, Interior, portfolios, and product photography.

  1. How do you intend to encourage participation in pageants/events among youngsters?

I have just one answer to this. No one is in charge of your happiness and no one owes to your passion so just think about what you want to be. If you prefer to be in the glamour industry camera is the best solution for you.

  1. Could you tell us more about yourself and your inspiration throughout this journey?

I was a Software engineer but now work as a professional photographer. I think Photography is in my blood. My father is a drawing teacher in school and side by he was doing photography. Consequently, the talent for photography comes from him.

  1. How do you manage to combine freelance photography with other career prospects?

I go ahead with season-wise photography and don’t get stuck to a particular sector whether its wildlife photography, wedding, and pre-wedding shoots, ramp walks, nature, social work. Moreover, my career is just photography nothing else.

  1. Please to tell us 5 interesting facts about yourself.

Born with talent, a good observer, good listener, updating myself as per challenges in photography, always happy with great smile on my face. All these factors make me the ideal photographer.

  1. What are the challenges did you face in the fashion/ photography?
    Initially, I was an engineer so making a career in photography was a big challenge. Getting a contract with lots of talented photographers, investing in costly equipment for photography and not getting paid until final product delivery are just a few of them. Updating with new changes in the photography world as well as in myself is something I believe in.
  2. What do you believe lies in the future of the fashion/photography industry?

Yes, the photography industry is booming and will continue to rise in the future as well. Its a talent after all. Everyone requires images or photographs which is why I think there is a future in it. But, we need to equally adapt and change to be able to sustain. Running things the way they always have been will almost certainly guarantee failure. This is a difficult pill to swallow because most humans like to keep things as they are. We are resistant to change, but learning to adapt is likely to be crucial to survival in an ever-increasingly saturated market. This certainly isn’t meant to sound like a negative article, but rather observing, learning and making sure we are aware of the changes around us. It’s often so easy to get lost when you are too close to the forest to see the trees. It’s an elephant in the room that many photographers don’t wish to discuss, but I feel that being aware is a vital element to continued success.

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