Excel Corporation: Staffing is More than a Business, it is a Commitment

Excel Corporation

Starting a new venture is tough, but with the right counsel, it is a feat worth achieving. India’s startup ecosystem is growing at a rapid pace and is one of the fastest of its kind in the world. With recent favorable initiatives from the government, the entire scenario looks quite promising. Hence, it is quite obvious to curtail any repercussions that might impede the growth of more than 20k startups in India.
The quandary of a competitive warfare, however, is not just restricted to the startup faction, but also to the well-established ones, who are currently facing the heat from the technology-blazing startups. In order to survive the onslaught of innovation, every company needs to upgrade. And the best bet to it is through the HR consultant firms.
In the world of HR consultancy, there is a name that sends a vibe of cheer and confidence among the Fortune 500 companies and that is Excel Corporation. A prominent name that is intimate among the influential across all verticals in the most prolific locations of India and Abroad. Excel is showcasing great strides in furnishing HR consultancy services to some of the most promising startups in India.
The Founding Team
Excel Corporation is the brain child of its MD, Mr. R.R. Swami. Words are few to describe the magnificence of this accomplished entrepreneur. A professional Engineer by background from prestigious institutions, Mr. Swami is one maverick executive who has handled all roles in a career span of over 35 years. From the shop floor to the corporate office, he has mastered major tricks of the trade. To top it all, he has also been a part of the Board of Directors of established organizations. Mr. Swami has given his valuable contributions at senior management positions to several companies such as Shriram Group, Ford Tractors, Larsen & Toubro, Mitsubishi Corporation, Hilton Hotels and many more. He is also a visiting faculty in India’s premiere Management institutions-IIM, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and among other institutes in India and abroad.
Excel Corporation is currently being steered by the second generation Entrepreneur, an equally promising daughter of Mr. R.R. Swami, Ms. Bhargavi Swami. She is currently spearheading the founder’s vision for women empowerment and equality in management through her role as the Head of Operations & Brand Management. Bhargavi is a rank holding Humanities student from Mount Carmel College, Christ University, Bangalore. She has a Master’s degree from Symbiosis International University, Pune. She has a background in Mass Communication, Psychology, HR and Foreign languages. She began her career by working with Ernst & Young in the HR division. She joined Excel Corporation as part of her Summer Internship Project and has continued her contributions ever since.
The Mark of the Best Recruitment Service Provider
Excel Corporation is proud to be partnering with a wide spectrum of clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies, Indigenous businesses and the booming startup industry. It is striving to be a leading Human Resources Consulting and Training Company backed by a group of professionals to provide quality services. Headquartered in Bangalore, their services are available at prominent locations in India and Abroad.
Excel Corporation specializes in selection and recruitment, human resource management and training, hands on experience with startup companies and established companies and excellent skill in extensive headhunting & placement.
With an extensive candidate database and knowledge of present industry, they have a well rounded approach to each requirement of their client, be in Placements, Training, C&B studies or Media and Corporate Communications – they help their client achieve all their targeted goals leaving no loose ends. The jobs given to them have quick turnaround time of 24-72 hours along with guaranteed high quality output. Excel Corporation is well renowned for building lasting relations with their clients that go beyond just business and become a value addition to their understanding of talent.
Excel Corporation has left no stone unturned in training their team to provide the best possible talent. This one factor makes them a unique player as compared to other players in the fray. With automation and digitization of processes making talent acquisition in companies friendlier than before, Excel Corporation is in the process of increasing their use of various online tools for creating a niche database of their own and enhancing the verification of profiles.
Eclipsing Challenges and Rising to the Occasion
There has been an increase in the stress and pressure experienced by the employees in the past few years. There are many factors contributing to this – an unsteady economy, more working hours and job cuts.
All over the world the HR teams are trying their best to keep pace, to plan retention and to guarantee job satisfaction for the employees. The Leadership at Excel Corporation believes that the only way to move forward in the coming years will be by unlearning their standard methods and reinventing themselves along with their understanding of HR Fundamentals.
The impact of automation and the loss of manpower based roles across industries are going to be one of the biggest challenges faced by the HR. We are entering a new phase in Talent Acquisition and for this; people will need to upgrade their skills to get employment. When such people enter the workforce, it will be a challenge to retain such talent for a longer period of time. The market is getting further diluted with good and relevant talent redefining themselves as entrepreneurs.
In the coming future, Excel Corporation is going to stress all its focus on data analytics, digitization, AI, augmented reality and robotic process automation (RPA) at the workplace.
Marching towards the Horizon with Trust and Loyalty
Excel Corporation has maintained a long-term relationship with many of their clients through an honest and open dialogue. They consider themselves as partners and not vendors and hence they maximize the quality of their output to ensure that only quality service is provided to their clients. In fact, this is the primary reason why Excel Corporation has experienced many satisfactory instances and continues to have them on a day to day basis. Excel Corporation has groomed its team to handle the toughest challenges imaginable and have always risen to the challenge.
Currently, Excel Corporation is proving its competence by helping young companies and startups get the right team that forms the skeleton of their organization. To cater to this intention, Ms. Bhargavi Swami had presented a seminar titled, “Human Resources-Talent Consulting for Startups”. During the interactive seminar, Bhargavi successfully addressed the concerns regarding Manpower Management & Retention for the Digital Entrepreneurs who provide flexibility of location, work hours and culture.
Bhargavi’s initiatives towards presenting Excel Corporation as an all-woman organization have successfully garnered much attention . She was recently in a panel of discussion for Women Leadership with the National Commission for Women along with the Heads of Fortune 500 corporates. This invitation from the Association of Chamber of Commerce (ASSOCHAM),  has enrolled Bhargavi into the league of the upcoming Women Entrepreneurs in the country.

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