Dhatri Dubey: A Staunch Leadership Acumen

Dhatri Dubey | post graduate teacher | Edurife
Dhatri Dubey | post graduate teacher | Edurife

Leadership plays a crucial role in any organization’s successful transformation. Approaching a transformation with a precise mindset and specific leadership traits can foster better teamwork and inspire your workforce.

Do you have the leadership skills that employers look for? Whether you are an office manager or a project leader, all good leaders require several soft skills to help them positively interact with employees or team members.

What Makes an Effective Leader?

Influential leaders have the ability to communicate well, motivate their team, handle and delegate responsibilities, listen to feedback, and have the flexibility to solve problems in an ever-changing workplace.

Employers seek these skills in the candidates they hire for leadership roles. Strong leadership skills are also valuable for all job applicants and employees.

Also, Leaders need to inspire their workers to go the extra mile for their organizations; just paying a fair salary to employees is typically not enough inspiration (although it is important too).

There are several ways to motivate your workers: you may build employee self-esteem through recognition and rewards or by giving employees new responsibilities to increase their investment in the company. This sheds light on the staunch leadership acumen of Dhatri Dubey.

Exemplary Leadership Personality

Dhatri has always been comfortable behind a podium, microphone, or a teacher’s table.

She loves to reach out and communicate. This love helped me in discovering at an exceedingly early age that teaching can transform lives through an exchange of ideas and communication. She was lucky enough to pick up a job as an Entrepreneurship and English Teacher which introduced her to impressionable and talented 11th and 12th students.

Dhatri’s interaction with the youth invoked the power to influence and guide them in their future endeavours.

With a career spanning over eight years, she interacted with youth across continents; Dhatri wishes to continue her journey as an educational service provider—more of an influencer and mentor.

Dhatri is an Educationist, Head of Pedagogy Design and Co-founder at Edurife Australia, she has recently founded another company in India under the name of CEO Prose Global Education, which caters to students and professionals who wish to realise their study abroad dreams.

She has worked across many continents and has developed a high student success ratio, training Russian, Chinese, Nepalese, Korean, Japanese and Indian students as an ELICOS trainer from IH Sydney.

She has over the years mentored students and Budding Entrepreneurs in Entrepreneurship and is presently working as a “Start-Up Incubator” for many individuals and Enterprises. She has worked closely with many corporate houses to train and mentor employees through carefully designed corporate training modules. She leads her project #WelcomeToMyCubicle as a Sociopreneur.

Dhatri’s aim in life is to ensure that the learners under her guidance excel in every field of work. She works towards delivering the best of her ability through imparting quality education/training and working towards the holistic development of learners. She is fond of breaking boundaries and working beyond her comfort zone.

She has a result-oriented approach that makes her an asset to any organization she works for. She is fond of blending technology with learning. The pedagogies she adopts while teaching/training break the stereotype approach towards the teaching-learning process. She is an ardent learner who is open to innovative ideas. She is diligent and honest in combating challenging situations.

Dhatri is presently working on a campaign #WelcomeToMyCubicle which aims at guiding people during the time of lockdown. This project is a series of video, podcast and interview sessions curated to help people cope with the virtual work environment.

Ensuring Resonance

While pursuing Cambridge CELTA from IH Sydney, Australia, Dhatri came across an enthusiastic set of people who envisioned the future of education as an amalgamation of Technology, Pedagogy and Psychology.

This is how Edurife was born. With an impeccable record, Edurife continues to support research work in the field of Technology in Education—Prose Global Education was born out of sheer persuasion of her students, who were ardent to be guided about their college studies.

Many of them seeked assistance and guidance regarding their IELTS and PTE mentoring, which fuelled the hidden entrepreneur in me to open up a space that could provide a one-stop solution to them.

So, Prose Global Education looks after the Study Abroad Counselling, IELTS and PTE preparations as well as Networking and Communication support to professionals looking for a lucrative career abroad.

Setbacks- A Part and Parcel on the Way to Success

Prose Global Education began its operations the month Dhatri gave birth to her child. The biggest challenge she faced was from society as she resumed work from home, just ten days post-delivery.

There were people questioning her choice and judging her motherhood performance. However, Dhatri believed it was her refuge from Post Natal Depression and helped Dhatri be a happy mother to her son.

Initially, she did fear losing business to competitors who were old players in the market. However, she gradually realised her new age ideas were workable, and the youth identified

with the pedagogy we followed. Being at home for the first few months did restrict her from networking much, but in today’s digital age, Dhatri was able to bond globally with a number of mentors, guides, students, and professionals.

Shedding the limelight on Prose Global Education, Dhatri shared, we embrace each learner as a part of the institution. The engagement level we offer to our learners is far better than any institute in our arena. We do not put statistics and infographics; we engage learners by identifying their learning styles.

The study plan for each learner is different and carefully curated, keeping the stress levels and performance enhancement standards in mind. We encompass a learner’s IQ and EQ level along with their cognitive abilities.

Exhibiting Excellence

IELTS Trainer

2019 – present

Dhatri has been mentoring students and preparing them for their IELTS examination at The Princeton Academy, an American-based company with branches across the globe. She provides training for both Academic and General IELTS

Senior Secondary Teacher


As the Senior Secondary Teacher at The Millennium School Lucknow, Dhatri has taught Entrepreneurship, Economics and English to the Senior Secondary Students furnishing excellent results in the CBSE board examination consistently.

An accomplished professional with more than six years of experience in the teaching and training industry

Dhatri has recently been involved with research and mentoring in Entrepreneurial start-ups. She has been keenly involved in developing structural modules that foster better entrepreneurial skills in her learners.

Exceptional Skillset

Dhatri has strong knowledge in planning, implementing, and evaluating curriculum for undergraduate and postgraduate students with expertise in teaching subjects like English and Entrepreneurship.

She is well versed in developing an instructional plan based on the course outline and instructional aids. She also adopts an easy-to-understand and engaging style to convey complex topics to students, as well as teach and mentor them to achieve their objectives.

Possess knowledge about the internal administrative tasks that are performed within the institutions. Delivering excellent curriculum management and achievement to students of varying backgrounds while motivating educational success

Strong organisational and team working skills, with ability to work on own initiative/in teams for curriculum design, assessment of student’s work, and identifying learning needs of students. Effective communication, interpersonal, and organisational skills are acquired from interaction with students and staff from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Cinch Uniqueness

Dhatri often conducts the old school meetings and interactions with parents, but she does realise that the youth today does not want to be dictated.

So, she focuses on majorly the positives of her learners and enhances their performance through their strengths which are greatly appreciated by parents.

As parents do not want to listen to problems, they seek solutions. So, the fact that Dhatri has their parents as stakeholders, and she deals with the grey areas of their child—helps her organization to become great solution providers.

Inspiring Words of Wisdom

As an experienced professional, Dhatri would like to advise the budding aspirants, “Anyone who aspires to start a venture or even picks up a job or switches career or pursues a course, to keep one thing in mind.”

“You become your own cage most of the time. Believe in your idea, do ample market research, evaluate the prototype, talk to people, and then take the leap of faith,” she expressed.

Dhatri also stated, “You are blessed to be born in an era of opportunities where start-ups are a trend.”

As for the students, she would like to quote the Alchemist, “It is the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting, so dream and work hard each second to make it your reality.”

Embracing the Future Roadmap

Sharing her opinions on envisioning the company’s operations eventually, Dhatri said, “We have heard enough about the new normal is becoming our lifestyle and business style now.”

“Being a service provider in an Overseas Education Market, the travel restrictions did take a toll, but with the liberalisation of rules and new vaccination policies being introduced by host countries, the picture seems to be finding its colours back,” she concluded.

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