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Garima Rawat | Massif Recruitments
Garima Rawat | Massif Recruitments

In a rapidly evolving economy where there are several new firms forcing their head up to survive and thrive, there is always a need for the best in class recruiter who knows the talent requirement just right and can magically provide a perfect match every time. But to be honest, it is never magic, it is the power of a highly skilled recruitment setup that can deliver such precision always.

Today, corporates are on a hunt to find suitable talent, which is proved to be a time-consuming and hefty process. Offering and delivering to these needs of organizations and providing them with candidates who have skills and potential, Massif Recruitments is one name that is bridging the hiring and enrolment gap.

With the profound leadership of CEO and Founder, Garima Rawat, the company is re-writing the meaning of recruitment services, delivering top talents, quickly and efficiently.

Under Garima’s leadership, Massif Recruitments has become a truly new age recruitment service provider, sourcing premium workforce to organizations with very specific technical staff requirements. She and her team are known for a swift and efficient recruitment process with results that make you believe in their skills without saying- they work magic.

Here is Garima Rawat, taking your palate on a soothing journey, while you sit back, relax, lower your inhibitions, and indulge in the excerpts of this inducing interview.

Garima, what was your inspiration behind venturing into the recruitments niche?

It had been a long journey working for Resourcing/Recruitment for various organizations in India and the UK. I always knew that I have what it takes to lead a team and build my own business however, being a wife, mother and daughter somehow felt like responsibility enough not to seriously think about establishing myself as a businesswoman.

But as they say, there is no power as the “Women Power”, I finally decided that it was time for me to trust in my skills and do something that gave me immense pleasure and satisfaction. In 2020 with the support of my life partner and my sister (my girl power) I went on to establish Massif Recruitments and today I am so glad that I did.

Please tell us about Massif Recruitment in detail.

Massif Recruitments Pvt Ltd was established in 2020 with a clear goal in mind to help clients do business without worrying about the pressures of resource management. We are an IT staffing company and cater to suitable client requirements across PAN India, the United Kingdom, and Europe. I started Massif solely in India and we are now growing in the UK and Europe as well. The goal is to strengthen partnerships based on loyalty and trust with global organizations. Our services include (but are not restricted to) contract staffing, contract-to-hire staffing and direct staffing. We serve a wide spectrum of industries and which include artificial intelligence, IT, Automation, Aerospace, Healthcare, Telecom, Finance and more. For more details you may visit our website

Massif completely believes in balancing work and personal life as a policy. We have a wonderful hard-working team onboard which believes in the ideology of the company and provides utmost proficiency in catering to our clients. To keep this zeel thriving we follow some strict rules that draw a thick line between our work and family time. This has helped us build a very close-knitted team of professionals who know their work like the back of their heads and have helped stand Massif where it is today in a short period of time.

What were the initial challenges you faced while venturing into the recruitments space?

Having a decade of experience in the industry, my goals were very clear in regard to starting a business. I didn’t put my hands out on a lot of sales, rather we focused on providing highly focused services to our prestigious clients which became the sole reason for achieving a  breakthrough in the first 4 months of our establishment.

From the very first day,  we have made it a point to give point attention to probing candidates on the quality/ skills asked and making sure that the resources we forward have not only the skills but the understanding of the position they are offered to fill.

The only difficulty I felt was not being with my team physically during the pandemic, as we resorted to working remotely for safety reasons. Therefore, all the appreciation, feedback, and get-together were technically supported.

What are the USPs that highlight Massif Recruitment’s uniqueness in the recruitment niche?

Massif Recruitments is established as an organization for the people, with the people, and by the people. I strongly feel the recruitment niche is particularly under massive pressure nowadays with the technical advancements in every industry. It is becoming difficult by the hours to stay up-to-date with the technology updates and matching resources with the very specific requirements of organizations take a lot more time, effort and understanding than it used to.

To cater to this growing challenge our policies as an employee-friendly organization have always been different from the lot. At Massif Recruitments, we don’t believe in building pressure on our colleagues to rush into project closure, in fact, we do not have any defined targets. We believe our employees are the biggest asset of our organization and giving them space to breathe is the greatest employee benefit we can give.

This in turn has helped us build a winning team that knows its responsibilities and have the skills to match the client requirements with a smile on their face every time. We have achieved success in providing resources that have helped our clients flourish and this is the reason we have a good return customer ratio as well.

What professional values and qualities do you think your clients value in you and your company the most?

There are several qualities our clients value in us, some of them being efficiency, quick turnaround time, high-quality resource pool, unmistakable understanding of how this industry works, positivity while taking feedback, impromptu, unpretentiousness and more. However, the most important value that we feel our clients appreciate is the trust that we have built with them over a very short period of time. We truly believe in our tagline “The Designated Recruiter” for one and all.

As an experienced professional, what would you like to advise the budding aspirants willing to enter the consultancy niche?

It’s a vast but exciting industry that provides a lot of learning in various aspects. However, to enter this space we need to have strong determination to deliver every time. It’s important for us to understand how the industry functions and what it demands from us as recruiters.

We need to understand the whole cycle starting from how are we helping clients, how are they helping their customers, and the impact on the economy. Certainly, it is a full-packed task. However, with every achievement, you feel more motivated. So, my advice is to always be open to the opportunities to learn from and understand your client’s requirements because that is the only way to help them.

How is modern technology impacting the recruitments niche?

Technology has taken off a lot from our plates. The automation tools can source candidates from the market, share information with them and help advertise the roles. In fact, the best thing is getting quick updates in regard to your application through sophisticated software. However, it will always lack the human touch and this is where we fit in the best. To work technology to our benefit also required a human supermind as well as emotions to some extent.

How do you envision your company’s operations eventually, concerning the changing scenario of recruitments niche, post-pandemic?

I believe we all have adapted very well to various situations due to the pandemic. Our team has worked extremely hard and there’s has been no issues whatsoever. We have always believed in uplifting the women in society as we truly believe in their potential, and that is where this phase actually helped us. The mothers in our teams have been able to look after their kids at a time when they were out of help on many grounds without sacrificing their professional side. Even with no-masks times coming back, Massif Recruitments plans to keep the work patterns flexible.

When we work together for a common goal, it doesn’t matter where you are working, the only thing matters is that zeel of providing the best service once and always. Massif Recruitments’ foundation is strong because of its employees and clients and with the growing time, we will expand to support our growing clientele and would love to be known as an employee-friendly organization delivering the best in industry services.

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