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CAMS, from Dheeram Innovations Private Limited, was formed in 2016 with a team of highly energized including 25-50 employees, materializing the innovative ideas by the innovation on everything it sees, do and imagine. Pandi Periyakaruppan is the Founder and CEO of CAMS Unit. He is a visionary leader who always thinks of new and unique technology products to the world. Under his leadership, employees got the right technology pathway to the next generation of Biometrics. He has made the company’s revenue grow from zero to crores of rupees.
CAMS is a pioneer and global leader in Biometric Research and Development. It offers Web based API and cloud solutions to the biometric attendance and access control machines for integrating them with Web Application directly. Earlier the company used to develop the fingerprint based customized industrial hardware such as fingerprint power switch. But with the coveted IoT(Internet of Things), the customers demand rose to IoT enabled biometric controllers which are expected to communicate with the customer’s web application hosted at its server.
Distinctive Services
CAMS started making the IoT API enabled Fingerprint Scanners, Biometric Attendance, and Access Control Systems as the products under its brand name. The company offers white-label partnerships. The complete cloud solution runs under its partner’s domain with its logo, landing page and the contact us page. It is generally a partner’s business according to its clients.
The company also delivers Web API to integrate the biometric machine with any web application. It supports to add/delete users in the machine and transfer the users between machines, from the web application.
With in-demand mobile application to track attendance of the employees or students, the company offers cloud solutions with mobile apps supporting the plug and play biometric attendance, leave management, and roster management. The company also helps its clients with Web API which helps to integrate its biometric machines with its software products,  helping to showcase its products as a complete cloud based products.
The company has also introduced Web API for Biometric systems with GPS position tracking which communicates to the server with users GEO position when the attendance is recorded at the biometric device. Other than software integration, the company has successfully integrated the biometric machines with Industrial machinery such a fingerprint power switch to record the person who accessed the switch. Softwares for vending machines to allow the users to use the vending machine only once per day and software for vehicles such as forklift to start by an authorized employee, etc.
Defying the Challenges
Challenges pave way to success. Unless and until the company faces challenges, growth is infeasible.   Designing hardware which should be of global standard and accepted one was the greatest challenge for CAMS. For the company, it took 3 years to make its first product which was finally launched in 2018. But with the help of rich expertise in biometric industry, strong and innovative team of engineers and the support of ZK biometric, the company overcame the difficulty in creating budget friendly products without compromising the quality and features.
The technology innovations that the company provides to its customers and it’s world-class after sales support brought the greatest value to its brand, overcoming the toughest challenge of the company for creating trust in its brand in the matured biometric market.
Itinerary for the future
Initially for the company it took months to get its first client. But now, it just takes days to get the new customers, hours to build a new cloud system for partners, minutes to integrate biometric machines with any website, seconds to get the reports and milliseconds for the attendance data from biometric device to reach the customer’s server.
With dedicated teams in R&D, Technical Support, Sales & Customer Service, CAMS is growing successfully, in terms of product innovation and the quality service. In terms of Business, the company craves to reach up to the heights. The company aims to adapt new biometric features such as Teeth reading, Skeleton structure, Hand geometry, Vein structure of the backhand, DNA, Androgenic hair patterns, Ear form/folds, Skull, Footprints, Body odor, Lip print, Gait, Tongue print, Heartbeat, and Signature recognition.

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