Digital Payment Technology Innovation in India

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A digital payment company has announced to launch two Technology Innovation Labs in techno hub cities Chennai and Bangalore. The company has three objects to introduce this lab likely productivity, Innovation and Education. And the ultimate reason to introduce this Innovation lab is to build and improve new advanced technology and they want to create a platform for company members to engage them and provide them knowledge across the range of themes.
PayPal Technology Innovation Lab will support Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligent, Data Science, IoT, VR\AR, and will provide an outline regarding wireless communication. The company opens the first lab in India after US and Singapore.
“India is a hotbed for technology innovation given its evolving startup ecosystem, diverse merchant profiles and enormous talent pool. To cater to their needs in the most effective manner, we are delighted to announce the launch of our newest Technology Innovation Lab in India, where the focus will be on fueling new age technology and giving rise to unconventional ideas with the potential to transform the ecosystem we operate in,” said Mike Todasco, Director of Innovation, PayPal.
The Lab will also provide information regarding the company’s ongoing inventiveness, creativity, start-up projects and objective. The company has an intention to grab the Indian online payment market through enabling home-based startup. Mainly PayPal is targeting freelancers, casual sellers and B2B sellers who can manage their payment system all over the world through one touch of personalized link.
Basically, PayPal is an online transaction platform like other online payment applications. It helps its customers to go cashless and the current scenario in India, the country has a promising market for online transaction. The technology innovation Lab will help that digital payment company to introduce their objectivity and determination in this rivalry market.

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