New app launch makes India More Digital

Made_for_india Insights success

Recently a renowned foreign internet company launched a program called Made for India, this app will help operators to find apps that are related to them and enhance to their experience and will help inventors to find audience. The company believes India is a country where more than 70 percent internet handlers use the internet every day via their smart phone.
The first time Google organized their App Excellence Summit in India and they announced the Made for India app lounge. Back in 2016, the internet giant introduced Build for Billions optimization guide and Made for India follows this optimization.
In their App Excellence Summit, which held in the techno hub city Bangalore, where they shared tips and tools to over 700 Indian app and games developers who can create Best Quality Android apps that are locally relevant. Company pointed out Indian internet user’s majority who are preferred to use internet frequently. During the event Google announced that India has more android device uses than the US.
The company added “while more people are going online and devices are getting more affordable, as of the first half of the year, 2G connections still accounted for 70 percent of mobile Internet use. The majority of smartphones are in the sub-$100 (roughly Rs. 6,500) category, and this also means that there are compromises to the user experience. It’s important for developers to build apps keeping these constraints in mind.”
The aim of this company is to build an exclusive application that will help Indian audience only. Additionally, this new application will help users to find apps that are appropriate for them and can satisfy their online needs.

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