Adapt Technologies: A Story of Spatial Development Planning

Adapt Technologies | Maheep Singh Thapar

The geospatial industry is rapidly evolving because the capabilities of digital collaboration and connectedness in real time are moving ahead exponentially. Manifestation of how the Digital Mesh is driving GIS is the attention over the past few years on building GIS Development and Applications, ADAPT Technologies Consultancy Services enriching this experience, is uniquely operating in the niche field of Urban and Regional Planning and GIS Development and Applications. It has been providing quality consulting services for around two decades to various government agencies and international agencies. It has relevant experience in delivering plans and projects on time which are successful and implementable. ADAPT has the expertise and the experience in the field of GIS Development and Applications. Its strength is in concepts, structure, development and application of GIS.
An Urban Expert on Smart-Green Cities and Townships
Maheep Singh Thapar, Managing Director and Principal Consultant at ADAPT, graduated from SPA, Delhi followed by Post Graduation CEPT, Ahmedabad in Urban & Regional Planning, where he was also awarded a gold medal for the “Distinguished Student”award. With more than 17 years of experience, he has led numerous urban planning assignments including the Master Plan for Hyderabad Core City, Master Plan for Hyderabad International Airport City (HADA)- Green field city planned around the Hyderabad International Airport. Other projects include Urban land development/ real estate linked resource mobilisation- Technical Support to the Hyderabad Metro Rail Project, planning advisory for large Integrated Townships, has helped provide Urban GIS inputs on Climate Change issues with respect to Hyderabad Metropolitan Region. Currently associated with the Municipal Development Project, supported by World Bank for base map and GIS development of more than 30 towns in Telangana State as part of overall state urbanisation strategy and also working on the Revised Master Plan for Bangalore (Metropolitan Area). He is also an Urban Expert on Green Cities & Green Townships.
Maheep’s firm uses latest satellite image remote sensing techniques, and GIS development for city planning. He is also a regular speaker at various national and international conferences & visiting faculty, jury member for various colleges of architecture and planning. It has also national level and global publications on urban planning and development issues.
Fitting in every space
ADAPT pursues the planning profession vigorously and aims to deliver better services every time. Well versed in the skills of project formulation and master planning, ADAPT’s forte includes consultancy regarding preparation of large master plans, zoning regulations and rules, urban infrastructure development, urban management, urban real estate, integrated townships resource mobilisation strategies (by making optimum use of land) and advisory regarding urban development policies, urban and regional environmental strategies and project conceptualisation and formulation. ADAPT has an established track record in delivering high quality work and services.
ADAPT has wide ranging experience in GIS development. It has developed GIS for urban infrastructure projects in the North Eastern Parts of India and for urban master planning of cities in cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore.
ADAPT has used Geo-spatial technologies in all its projects which range from City Master Plans for Hyderabad, Metro Rail Planning, Campus planning and design, Urban Infrastructure Planning for Shillong and Gangtok.
Integration of GIS in Urban Planning
From the year 2000 onwards, GIS awareness has just started picking up. Penetration of the technology, software, applications and customisation was not yet advanced. Urban planning field was also experimenting with the use of this this new mapping and spatial data technology. Initially, it was a challenge to convince the clients for using the technology, then the challenge was to convince them to spend buying the software, using it, develop applications, create human resource for developing GIS based systems and updating them. Lastly, the challenge was to convince the clients to invest in consulting services in this regard as the consultants would add value to the work process of the organisation. In the last two decades, awareness about GIS development and its usage has increased drastically.
GIS, critical tool for Geo-spatial Solutions
Fast growing cities face tremendous challenges in providing a good quality of life for all its citizens and visitors. Today’s cities need innovative planning and project formulation techniques which are futuristic, realistic, flexible, comprehensible, participative and implementable. With the advent of the private sector as partners in development and growing success stories in Public Private Partnerships (PPP), there is a need for technical expertise for undertaking the planning process and assisting the governments as well as the private sector in undertaking specific planning and development initiatives/tasks and that too within short periods of time keeping in view the dynamic socio-economic environment.
With the maximisation of satellite technology and integration with the ICT, GIS is becoming a critical tool for planning and management of natural resources, urban and regional planning and urban management. GIS multiple uses include property tax assessment and upgradation, infrastructure and utility management, intelligent systems for transportation/mobility, heritage and tourism, asset management, urban planning and environmental management.
The market segment is bound to grow. ADAPT is positioned to increase its capacities to deliver wide ranging solutions using geo-spatial technologies. The goal is to become a knowledge provider, strengthen its expertise in planning and management solutions and provide geo-spatial solutions for urban planning, smart cities, natural resources and infrastructure development.
Amalgamating Urban Planning with GIS Development Expertise
Upgrading themselves to new trends and technologies and continuous improvement is the key factor that drives them ahead. ADAPT has the right combination of urban planning skill along with in-house GIS development expertise. It has a successful track record in delivering master planning projects. Its hallmarks being:

  • Understanding the objectives of the project
  • Understanding the needs of the client
  • Precise & High quality content
  • Efficiency in process/methodology
  • Timely delivery

Source :- The 10 Most Valuable GIS Solution Providers

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