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Diva Modeling Agency |Nicole Rodrigues
Nicole Rodrigues | Founder Diva Modelling Agency

Fashion. It is one word that is all inclusive and means something different to every individual in the world. Over the years there have been multiple changes in how it is perceived and has grown into one of the most complex industries to be a part of. Similarly every individual is different which means that they all deserve to be treated equally. The term model doesn’t necessarily have to define someone extremely good looking, but someone equally talented as well. Diva Dubai is one such organization that broke through such concrete definitions and created an identity for itself. Established in the year 2003, the company today has branched off into various industries, one of which is Diva Modelling Agency. The agency’s profound experience along with being one of the largest databases of talents, makes it the best choice for aspiring models and influencers alike. The agency is known to provide proficient models, entertainers as well as promoters for events, and has its stronghold in print and video campaigns as well.

A Company with a Humanitarian Approach
Diva Modeling agency ensures that every individual that approaches them is treated with respect and is given the knowledge they require, to be a part of the fashion industry. Not only does it provide models for events and pageants, it also trains them and grooms them for their career. The company was after all started as a platform for local talent and for aspiring beings who belong to the various regions of Dubai in a structured manner. This way it would give the individuals a full-fledged, guaranteed approach to things while knowing that they’re in safe hands. At Diva, the models are promoted as campaign holders or influencers and everyone follows a proper procedure complete with set policies as well as legal support. The company hence is a platform for any person who wants to be a part of the industry and welcomes everyone with open arms. It also assists them in every way possible, right from creating their portfolios to managing their model calls, setting them up with various campaigns and getting them jobs. This within the region has created a pool of talented artists belonging to varied specialties such as models, actors, directors, stylists, RJ’s and DJ’s.

A Multi-talented Fashion Icon and Entrepreneur
In the year 2003, a woman with passion and ambition stepped foot in Dubai and fulfilled her dreams by setting up the multi million dollar empire that is Diva Group of Companies.

Nicole Rodrigues is an individual who has come a long way and today stands as the Founder of the Diva Modeling Agency. Back in 2003, she noticed that there was a gap in the talent agency. She wanted to see a certain kind of structure when it came to talent acquisition, talent promotions and similar initiatives. Speaking of her love for real beauty, Nicole says  “Beauty is not just about the segregation of looks but about how one views themselves.” She emphasizes upon the fact that people need to start believing in their own beauty as that is what will get them out of their comfort zones and help them accept themselves. Having been in front of the camera herself, she knows the amount of courage that is required to do so and hence ensures that every aspiring model feels comfortable in his or her own skin.

Nicole didn’t just stop at that and in 2005, she expanded her venture into Diva Holdings which is a real estate company. Post that, she attended  Harvard Business School and graduated from there after which she went on to further branch her company out into Diva Salon and Diva Laundry. Her constant endeavors have brought many awards to her name such as Great Women Awards 2013, Top Indian Leaders in the Arab World, Indian Innovator Awards – 2016, Indian Innovatory Awards: Entrepreneur of the Year, 2019 and many more.

Extraordinary Offering at DMA
The company is known to provide the most professional services within the industry and holds the reputation for being extremely efficient and effective on this front. They work as a one-stop-shop for everything that a person may require. These qualities make it, one of the leading modeling agencies in the Middle East.
Diva Modeling has various sections under it, right from model training, exclusive productions and event management. It has in fact changed the face of the professional promotional industry as well. One can avail any of the services mentioned below which Diva provides, and rest assured that it’ll be taken care of excellently.

  • Print Production
  • Promoters / Hostesses
  • Video / Still Production
  • Film Production
  • Planning / Budgeting
  • Model Management
  • Production
  • Fashion Shows
  • Studio Rentals

Diva Event Management: The company believes that every event needs to have a balanced combination between effective management of it along with systematic planning, managing the structure, coming up with the ideal theme and settling for the perfect time. These basic elements are a key to ensuring the success of any event which Diva always keeps in mind. The award ceremonies, corporate events, wedding ceremonies, fashion shows and the likes are all taken care of by Diva with utmost care.
Photography is another aspect covered by the company and represents a wide range of local and international photographers who have their priorities set in providing the best results. After all, capturing a memory or a face requires perfect timing which is irreversible and hence this task is taken upon by the most efficient ones out there. The well-coordinated team works together to provide an alluring and organized photoshoot for the brands that approach them.

Avant Garde Ideologies at DMA
It is after all, no secret that Diva Modeling is a pioneer in its own field of talent acquisition, talent scouting as well as talent enhancing. The one factor that makes Diva stand out among others is that the company promotes equality. Any individual that approaches them can have a chance at finding the perfect opportunity for themselves. The company builds a person up from scratch and turns them into the best version of themselves by grooming them and training in every aspect necessary within the industry. Every campaign is different and requires equally different people to take it forward, as Nicole states,  “During a campaign, you’re not necessarily always looking for a size zero, 180 cm model. You can have a mother. You can have a father, grandfather, child. So, everyone on the planet is fantastic looking. This is where the company finds its inspiration and key motto which is that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. After all, it is all about keeping the target audience in mind and then providing every individual with a potential opportunity.” Diva is the key that helps those who’re looking towards unlocking the golden opportunities of their futures and moving ahead, prepare them to be the highest version of themselves.

Even among the workforce, Nicole advises them to not create differences, diversions or segregate between people as she believes everyone has their own strong points. She is all for positivity in and around her workplace and in her own words she says – “There is no creation that is not beautiful. It is within us”. The Diva Group thus enhances an individual’s confidence and as its agents represent them and help them in believing that there’s beauty in every person.

Accolades for Accomplishments
The immense efforts by the organization have been constantly rewarded in the best way possible. Diva has won multiple rewards such as –

  • Featured in Forbes Top Indian Leaders in the Arab World
  • Best in Dubai 2012 by Ahlan

Apart from these, the company also holds recognition for having worked with a popular clientele list like popular Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth and brands like Cartier, Audi, Ferrari, Gucci, Ferraro Rocher, Swarovski, Toyota and Unilever.

Glimpse into the Conferment of Recognitions
The modeling industry has always required plenty of effort and has been tough to get into. It has its requirements that need to be fulfilled but not every person is able to fit the criteria. But one agency that has always given priority to passion rather than looks is Diva Modeling Agency. Over the years since its establishment, the company has given opportunities to plenty of individuals with no conditions applies. The Founder, Nicole, and her team’s efforts have now put Diva on the zenith of this world of glamour which has since, earned them many recognitions. Given below is a peek into the accolades earned by Nicole and Diva Modeling Agency on a whole.

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