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Kaushal Sutaria | Founder | Lakshy Management Consultant

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat,” – Sun Tzu, Military general, Tactician, Writer, and Philosopher

The game of strategy, ‘Chess’ has spread around the globe, gaining a reputation for being a ‘thinker’s game’. Considered a game that combines attack and strategy, chess boards can be found tucked in the corner of an executive’s office, on tables in the park and in school classrooms all over the world. Chess is the game that attracts so many entrepreneurs to the board.

Can this beloved game be more than a simple board game? Is there a parallel between chess and business? Do you thrive on competition, enjoy crafting smart business tactics, and love using your insights to achieve a win? In this constantly evolving business world; to succeed, one needs to detect and seize opportunities to stay ahead of the competition. One needs to make smart business decisions and Lakshy Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd. is one such organization that specializes in providing management system consulting services which are strategically very important for profitability, productivity, and performance of the organization. The organization has branched into an IT-enabled business management consulting services over the years which distinguishes itself from other competing companies with a proprietary software MyEasyISO.

Mapping the Journey 
Established in the year 2004,  Lakshy Management Consultancy is based in Mumbai, India. It was established with a vision of a young MBA student – Kaushal Sutaria, the Founder,  who always dreamt about being an entrepreneur and bringing a change to the way organization do businesses. He has been leading the strategy, operations, and sales functions of the organization and has ensured a performance-based /culture across all the offices.

Initially, it was difficult to survive the business as it was a newly established organization. As a young organization, getting clients was difficult. A change in SEO based marketing and sales strategy  gave the required results. Competitive pricing coupled with value-added services were offered as a USP to the clients.
But, Kaushal’s efforts started showing efforts from the 3rd year onwards. “We believe our consulting responsibility goes beyond assessment and recommendations. Our consultants will assure that your objectives are translated into measurable performance improvement and bottom-line results,” says Kaushal. Over the last decade, the organization has established a presence across India, an overseas office in Dubai and group companies in UAE, the USA, and the UK. Now, it is recognized as one of the largest management consulting companies with clients in more than 45 countries. It’s first-of-its-kind  software in the world called MyEasyISO  has the potential to change the way organizations across the world manage their ISO compliance.

Lakshy provides quality management, environment management, occupational health & safety management, food safety management, information security management, and laboratory management system consulting, training, implementation, and certification facilitation services. The consulting services are also offered using an IT-enabled platform called MyEasyISO. A wide range of consulting services such as strategic management, H.R. Management, marketing management, finance management & Quality management with specialization in ISO 9001 27001 14001 OHSAS 18001 SA 8000 & ISO 2200 17025 170220 15189 HACCP Certification consulting is also offered.

Looking a Few Moves Ahead 
“Be persistent, don’t give up and aim higher. Don’t get afraid of failures and keep on trying hard. Be innovative and always keep the customer-first policy,” advises Kaushal to the aspiring entrepreneurs.  Furthermore, he says “We want to become No. 1 consulting company in India in the field of management system consulting and implementation. We are working hard to get there soon.”
Get in touch with Lakshy Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd. for comprehensive ISO certification, training, and consulting solutions. It provides ISO certification consulting, training and implementation services in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, & all cities of India.

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