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Stylease Exclusive[ Jhael Shah]
Jheal Shah | Founder

Being a fashion-oriented family can provide plenty of inspiration for more ideas and designs and one such brand is The Stylease. It was created with the idea of being eco-friendly as fashion causes a lot of water pollution, but while giving people the chance to dress up in uber-stylish outfits. The Stylease created a space in the sharing economy for fashion by utilizing outfits from the Founder, Jheal Shah and her family’s closet as well as from her mother’s store. There was also additional help from friends which gave a kick-start to the concept.
The availability of extra outfits in her possessions especially the ones that couldn’t be worn regularly created the crux of her outfit sharing idea. It is also especially necessary as every one of these outfits is high end and not worth throwing away. At the same time, they are not worn regularly more than a few times. Everyone universally complained of storage issues and how heavy and bulky these garments were and how they couldn’t dream of throwing them away or getting rid of them because of the price tag they bought these at. Recognizing that The Stylease was started for women to have access to the high-end outfits they’ve always wanted to wear by not breaking the bank since you rarely repeat outfits more than once.
Creation of an Exceptional Concept
The company usually rents high-end designer outfits for men and women for a 4 day period. They also do 8 day rentals for personal and family weddings in case clients require it. The customers can rent clothes as well as jewelery. It is the only rental platform that ships pan India with no cap on pin codes. The clothes are either outright bought or there is a tie- up with owners of these chic garments on a profit sharing model (30-50% of each garment, every single time it goes on rent). All logistics such as dry cleaning, marketing, photoshoots are handled by the company and the rental amount is usually between 8-10% of  the retail value of the garment.
Garments are custom fit along with a network of established stylists that help curate full looks instead of just renting an outfit. They also have an in house label called Stylease Exclusive where they produce and rent one of a kind exclusive pieces. The average price point of these outfits is between 4500 to 6500 for a 4 day rental period.
 A Fashion Superstar Leading a Cause
Jheal Shah and her family have been in the fashion industry for a long time which has indeed been an advantage for them. Her mother is a fashion designer and so is her sister. They’ve always been a big fashion-oriented family and seeing her mother work in this industry for the last 20+ years had a big impact on Jheal as she grew up. After acquiring a masters in Fashion Marketing from Parsons in New York, she moved back to India and worked with her mother amongst other fashion and non-fashion companies for the next few years to understand how businesses in India function and run. Having stayed in London and America for close to 7 years, she had first-hand experienced this business model abroad and loved the idea of creating a fashion company with a strong focus on building a more sustainable world for our future generations.
The Stylease was formed by Jheal Shah who has done her BSc (Hons) in Biology from University of Warwick, UK; AAS in Fashion Marketing from Parsons the New School for Design, New York, USA and has had the opportunity of having worked with Tommy Hilfiger, Armani Exchange, Bank of America, Times of India. She, therefore, brings forth tremendous work experience from several sectors and companies and has successfully launched The Stylease. She is responsible for branding, strategy, business development, finance and marketing amongst other things.
Utilization of Technology to Upgrade Fashion
The Stylease is working towards incorporating technology in their business every day.  They include finding a way to take virtual measurements using images from the comfort of your home to improving technology for logistics so they can become carbon neutral and forward their sustainability motto.
Inspiration behind the Designs
The brand’s in-house collection is inspired by current trends and runway shows as well as celebrity looks that they love. The inspiration for the company comes from the fact that sustainable fashion is the future of the world and how everyone needs to be more mindful producing as well as disposing off these garments. The earth is in dire need of sustainable living which needs to be implemented on a large scale and the team at Stylease is working to build on this goal.

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